The International Virtual Aviation Organisation - IVAO, has been a growing community for more than 22 years now. From member registrations to online hours on the network, statistics keep on increasing every year.

We are extremely delighted to see the IVAO family growing everyday and enjoying a unique experience on an online network offering free of charge services and software since 1998. In 2020, IVAO encountered a historical year, beating all the previous records with some whooping statistics showing a significant increase in membership and activity. With the launch of our new beta softwares in 2019, ATC Client: Aurora, Pilot Client: Altitude, and Connector, the development team of IVAO worked incredibly hard to bring us some amazing updates, including several game-changing integrations and features bringing the online flight simulation to a whole new level. More than 31,000 members joined IVAO throughout the year, followed by a stunning 13.9 million hours of online time. That’s the equivalent of 1,586 years of time spent on the network in one single year!

With more than 75 divisions all around the world, IVAO covers all airspace, giving you the amazing opportunity to participate in events organised on a regular basis by our committed event staff. In 2020, our members had multiple opportunities to participate in a busy and enjoyable experience with a total of 355 events held in the whole year. One of IVAO’s main goals is to let members learn about aviation, receive personalized training and give them the opportunity to progress in their virtual career by obtaining ratings that they achieve after theoretical and practical examinations conducted by experienced training staff members. The IVAO Training Department encountered one of its busiest years by performing an incredible total of 2,171 practical exams. That’s a humongous increase of 87 % compared to 2019! How cool is that?

Follow us on our social media to stay tuned for what’s to come in 2021. Some amazing projects are getting cooked in the kitchen and we are excited to continue providing the IVAO family an enjoyable and unique experience in our virtual skies!

Happy flying and controlling!

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