IVAO ATC Client: Aurora

IVAO ATC Client: Aurora updates take place automatically. When you start Aurora, it will prompt you to restart to install update. No further action is required.

Version 1.2.12b

Released on 4 April 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Flickering labels
  • CTD. when receiving voice
  • Division by zero error
  • Error when labeling
  • Ident color when loading colorscheme

New Features

  • Force act in inset

Version 1.2.11b

Released on 26 March 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Disappearing vector-line on north track
  • CTD.
  • Error on labelling
  • Error on TAB (route)
  • CPDLC Names not reading from sector
  • SUP DEP/ARR outside range

New Features

  • New color select screen
  • Training / exam accessing

Version 1.2.10b

Released on 18 March 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • CA DUPE on PSR
  • Vectorlines hanging
  • CPDLC tab not visible
  • Altitude alert
  • Inset ID STATE background.
  • PSR sometimes with SpeedVector
  • Vertical Profile climb/desc
  • Vertical profile traffic list in navaids
  • Centering exam module
  • Polygon filter in Inset
  • Zoom center inset

New Features

  • Removes last unused Group-buttons in D-Link
  • Calculates Traffic position ( Generates faster position refresh )
  • Traffic Refresh time. (Minimum reduced for all positions)
  • Wake Turb. Color (Settings/Labels)
  • Wake Turb. Colors (ColorScheme/Traffic)
  • ExtraPolated Track symbol (Settings/radar)
  • Added extra symbols
  • Traffic History Dots settings/radar
    • Space (Settings/Radar) 5/10 sec
    • Length in time
    • Shrink (draws size in 3 parts.)
  • Static labels (settings/labels)
  • Static label editor (settings/labels)
  • Mouse Area filter options (settings/labels)
  • Label visible options in VOR/NDB/FIX/AP
  • assume / release / transfer with mouse bij pressing and holding traffic
  • Short traffic labels (settings / labels)
  • Traffic lists changed in strips

Version 1.2.7b (roll-back 9b)

We are aware of an issue in the latest update to Aurora, version 1.2.9b, that is causing a connection issue with both the simulator as well as the voice servers. We have therefore disabled the auto-update functionality of Aurora - making 7b the most current version. Users can roll-back to 1.2.7b through new.ivao.aero

UPDATE March 18th
Auto-update has been turned on again. Users on Aurora 1.2.7b or above will update to the correct and most current version on start-up.

Version 1.2.6b

Released on 17 Jan 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Route descriptions. (weird chars)
  • Sidstar descriptions. (weird chars)
  • Changing voice server.
  • SQK request via local list
  • Removing Multi QDM

New Features

  • Transfer accept message (settings/com)
  • Turn calculation qdm. (Settings/other)
  • Response time turn calculation qdm. (Settings/Other)
  • Userdata settings file. (VID/IVANPassword/Real Name/Hoppie code).
  • Quick buttons ATC COM box.

Version 1.2.5b

Released on 10 Jan 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • F2 reposition in INSET.
  • Moving labels on rotated map.
  • Filters on change profile.
  • BAYREQ label via PSR.

New Features

  • D-Link (COMBOX)
  • UP-Link list for sectors.
  • VERA advanced with prediction.
  • QDM Turn calculation.
  • Vertical Profile for INSET.
  • Vertical Proflie color settings.
  • Filters RADIO changed in (visual/select/zoom).
  • HAL set create traffic data from scenario.
  • Training/exam added type "Trfc Count" (Counts voice traffic).
  • Saves preferred runways in profile

Version 1.2.4b

Released on 6 Dec 2020

Bug Fixes:

  • ATIS after changing server.
  • Labelline position
  • Hanging sound after Broadcast message.
  • S W coordinates now shown in radar infoline.
  • Exam module for Examiners connecting with X

New Features

  • Faster Rendering polygons
  • S-mode simulations set optional (settings/labels)

Version 1.2.3

Released on 30 November 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Missing labelline when "PSR Labels" and "not labeled"
  • Skipping
    in route.
  • Traffic SSR change not refreshing on flight strip
  • SUP bugs

New Features:

  • Unit for Flight Level. (Settings / Other)
  • Symbols for PSR and SSR. (Settings / Radar)
  • OSStrip Position (Settings / Radar)
  • Saves Radio position.
  • S-mode simulation for sqk 2000 and VFR

Version 1.2.2b

Released on 7 November 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Not starting after disconnecting mic
  • Inbound and outbound color
  • Metar from server
  • State color
  • Output voice on last soundcard in list

New Features:

  • Users list right-click menu now features a mute, kick and CA option
  • Colorscheme added:
    • Traffic Label selected when assumed
    • Traffic Labelline selected when assumed
    • Traffic Timeline selected when assumed
    • Traffic Label inbound transfer
    • Traffic Labelline inbound transfer
    • Traffic Timeline inbound transfer
    • Traffic Label released color
    • Traffic Labelline released color
    • Traffic Timeline released color
    • MRVA dashed/solid.
  • State color (background/labels) PVD-Settings-Labels
  • Saves default label distance (L+ L-)
  • INSET now features; Labeling via traffic labels, shortcuts, halo and rings
  • Discord 32 Bits now displays Aurora as well

Version 1.2.1b

Released on 19 September 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Wrong traffic labeling
  • Traffic VOICE STATE change not visible for others
  • Static tone not closing when changing equipment. (VHF RADIO)
  • Screens invisible when desktop situation changes
  • Voice channel creation
  • Defa position on load profile

New Features:

UI Font and Size, Settings & Labels.
Discord Rich Presence (64bits only): Aurora now shows up properly as ‘playing game’ within Discord.
Exam & Training module added to show additional traffic info.

Version 1.2.0b

Bugs Solved:

  • Ignores description “Dummy” in airspace data (Sector)
  • BUG track in Exam
  • Delete sector (deletes only sector file)

New Features:

  • Filters use SHIFT+ -> GEO,ACC,HS,LS,DA,PA,RA
  • Short cut’s in Airports for switching selection (C,R,V,M)
  • Sector ATC list added field overrule settings file (profile 4th field)
  • Sector Filter added a field for PA/DA/RA filter (6th field)
  • Sector Added field for NON-TMA in VOR and NDB
  • Combox “.TAF” (TAF request)
  • Combox “.SHORTTAF” (short TAF request)
  • selection soundcard and volume PVD / SOUNDS.
  • Allowed to use a semicolon: in combo
  • MAP rotation PVD/SETTINGS/RADAR (for ground radar)
  • 3rd Party software access PVD/SETTINGS/OTHER
  • Added “GA’, “LND” in altitude labels
  • ATIS RMK multirow.
  • Pressure altitude corrected
  • SQK series add Flight rules (Vfr/Ifr) + Flight type (Civil/Military)
  • SQK series via IVAO Server. (SETTINGS/SQK)
  • SQK series added, “Randomize multi hits”.
  • VFR Default (SETTINGS/SQK)
  • HAL spawn timer + LOOP in scenario
  • HAL AUTO clearance
  • Auto-update sector in PVD / SECTORS
  • OS strip for inset
  • Smoothness main screen.
  • VHF RADIO settings in PVD/SETTINGS.

Version 1.1.75b

Released on 29 May 2020

New features:

  • High Processor Usage (Settings>Other)
  • Separated the ATIS, UTC and METAR labels
  • Hide/show assumed traffic when GTR is OFF (SHIFT + GTR)
  • Option to save ATIS, METAR and CLOCK position
  • Pulldown menu for Fonts
  • Option to save FIX, NDB and VOR filters in profile
  • PSR

Bugs Solved:

  • DEFA not visible if setting “Zoom Range” is off
  • Ghost lines (traffic leaving speed vector)

Version 1.1.74b

Released on 24 May 2020

New features:

  • You can now use QDM in INSET windows
  • Using the Transfer List you can now add the next controller of any aircraft.
  • Added option for on screen strip at Settings>Radar which includes following information:
    • BAY List
    • next ATC information
  • Added option to fill background color of on screen strip from Settings>Labels>OS Strip Background Filled
  • Added Final Approach Procedure (FAP), Initial Approach Procedure (IAP), HOLDs and TRANSITIONs to Airport Menu
  • When using spaced Traffic Vector, you can now change the space lenght of traffic vector, from Settings>Vector>Space Spaced Vector
  • You can now use SHIFT to cancel your QDM
  • Traffic manager now lists traffic based on their Departure Time instead of Callsign!
  • You can now save DEFA preferences in your profile.
  • On traffic manager, button Uncontrolled is now separated to all windows
  • You can now change Label Lock Type from Settings>Labels. This means the behavior of traffic labels when zoomed
  • Altitude alerts can be enabled from Settings, and their color could be changed from color scheme
  • Aircraft types and categories are now visible in Traffic Manager below the callsign.
  • HAL Scenario Creator is added. You can now create and save your scenarios.
  • You can add FREE TEXT to your On Screen Strip and this will be transferred also to the next controller.
  • Manage Multi QDM on radar by clicking on QDM Label, you can transfer QDMs from one aircraft to another. Double click removes the QDM.
  • Traffic Mouse area can be enabled from Settings>Labels
  • Departure in SQK series is now added. You can now filter your sqk series for Airports, Departure or Destination.

Bugs Solved:

  • Creating Chat windows is fixed
  • Traffic refresh rate (0,5..5,0 sec) depending on ATC position
  • Stability is improved
  • Hide/Show clearance field in Traffic Manager

Version 1.1.73b

Released on 12 April 2020

  • [68] SHIFT +primary button to move traffic-labels

  • [Settings] Speed vector spaced set time 15sec,30sec,1min

  • [ColorShceme]IDENT color

  • [ColorShceme]SID STAR line type

  • [Combox] .c find navaids + airports

  • [Combox] .t find traffic

  • NAVAIDS Symbols

  • Active wind data in airports/runways

  • Size info and actual wind labels by double clicking. (label left side = smaller, right side = bigger)

  • [PVD] Find Sectors

  • [BUG] Transponder type-a data

  • [BUG] Some SHORTCUTS were not working:

    • Shortcut SET ANCHOR (ALT+X)
    • Shortcut QDM (ALT+D)
    • Shortcut ALT+Z (ASSUME/RELEASE traffic)
    • Shortcut Traffic vector line time (0,1,2,4,8)
  • Autofill ATIS trans altitude

  • Route points circles

  • Route direct draw

  • Connect (autoselect servers with fewer connections)

  • Combox display pilot callsign in front

  • Strange characters on route text

  • Airport METAR refresh

  • Saves profile state of the main screen (windows / fullscreen)

  • Combox messages scrolling to end

  • Added settings “Save profile on exit”

  • Clearance altitude (Green = Cruising Blue=Cleared)

  • Added settings “Ignore DUPE”

  • INFO-line in radar

  • Added INFO-line colour

  • SSR assignment

  • Clearance shortcuts W=waypoint A=Altitude S=Speed Q=SQK

  • Trimmed sid/star on double click AIRPORTS

  • Added shortcut for zoom + – (also INSET)

Aurora is now available for 32bt Windows platform, download now.