Around 2002, Maurice from AviationLads, who has been interested in aviation since he was a child, started to fly using Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998. The golden era of Flight Sim that most of us started in.

Next came FS2004, where Maurice took his love of the sim to a new level with his creation of movies of his flying adventures, which he released on YouTube for fun to show his passion for aviation. It all started with Windows Movie Maker. He was around 14 or 15 years old, flying in his mother's basement in his free time on IVAO, sometimes in the Airbus Box.

Since joining the network, he has logged over 2000 hours as a pilot. In 2009, he used his experience and training gained from IVAO to complete his glider pilot's license. One of his dreams was to one day make movies for Aerosoft when he started his path to content creation, and 13 years later, he made his first Aerosoft Trailer.

Maurice wanted to take his content creation to the next level and decided to go to school for Graphic Design. He started to use Adobe Premiere Pro, and in September of 2017, Maurice founded AviationLads with a friend, and his following started to take off.

His first paid project came from MK Studios for the release of their Fuerteventura 2017 scenery.

In 2020 Maurice's dream came true when Orbx, creators of arguably the best scenery addons for flight simulators, approached him to create a movie for an upcoming release they had.

As his content gained popularity, Laminar Research, the creators of X-Plane 11 and Soon X-Plane 12, Reached out and asked him to create content for their releases. In September of 2021, Maurice and IVAO Partnered to create the IVAO Trailer, which Maurice says was 'a great honour' for him to work on. He has been a long-standing member of the IVAO Family and has loved being a part of everything we do.

For more information about Maurice, or to see some of the Free Content he has created for the Flight Simulation Community, check out the AviationLads website,

Make sure to Fly on over to his Youtube and give him a follow!

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