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As promised, we are following up with fresh new insights straight from our DevOps Team. In our previous release, we told you about our New Pilot Client and our new ATC Client. The feedback has been huge! We are super delighted that you guys liked the progress we have made so far. You will recall from our previous post, we have shared some screenshots of our new Flight Plan Tool. Our New Pilot Client is...


IVAO members and all the flight simulation community have been asking about what new software is cooking in IVAO’s kitchen. In this article, we are going to tell you more! In fact, we have not only one new software, we have two! Backing on IVAO’s IT Strategic Directives that were published last year, the obsession of all IVAO developers became how to upgrade the entire IVAO Experience; on both ATC and Pilot ends. For starters,...


End of the Magazine, Beginning of a New Era of Virtual Sky Virtual Sky magazine has been a joyous yet at times bumpy ride. Our extensive discussions within the Public Relations department and the Community yielded to the resolution that Virtual Sky is a much needed tool for IVAO community, but the channels need innovation and a total revamp. From my personal experience, I had joined the Magazine team in May 2015 where I assisted...

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