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Since December 2022, content creators passionate about aviation can apply to join the IVAO Creator Partnership Programme. This programme aims to bring together all content creators and allow them to share their passion with the entire IVAO community.

Today, over 165 aviation creators are part of the programme, sharing their passion and receiving exclusive perks that elevate their content to new heights.

But what's next?

IVAO Introducing: showcase your skills to a wider audience

As part of the perks, all content creators, regardless of their notoriety, have the opportunity to stream on the official IVAO Twitch channel. This is a great opportunity for those who love creating content and want to reach a wider audience.

With so many applicants, the team had to take the time to prepare this exciting feature! But rest assured, the wait was worth it, as the Creator Partnership Programme continues to grow and connect aviation creators from all over the world. Get ready to take off with IVAO and experience the future of aviation content creation! Starting from March 23rd, creators will be able to participate in a test phase and apply for a slot on the IVAO Twitch channel. The streams will start two weeks after the slot is booked, so it is important to book in advance. This will allow for enough time to plan and prepare for the stream. Creators will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and engage with the IVAO community through live streaming!

Diamond Creators, get ready to see your personalised MTL livery in the skies

Diamond creators will now have the opportunity to showcase their unique brand in the skies with a personalised MTL livery! This exclusive perk not only allows them to stand out among the aviation community but also fosters a sense of belonging and pride within their own community.

Imagine watching your own livery soaring through the skies and being recognised by fellow aviation enthusiasts from all around the world. With the Creator Partnership Programme, the sky truly is the limit for aviation content creation!

Get in touch with the team for more information!

Create memories with your community: personalised HQ Events for Gold and Diamond Creators

What about creating a truly unforgettable virtual aviation experience for yourself and your community with a personalised HQ event? The Public Relations and Events Department are pleased to announce that Gold and Diamond Creators will soon be able to request to have their event personalised within the network. Creators will be informed about the procedure very soon.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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