December 4, 2021 - The annual event, known as Crowded Skies, is back once again after a short hiatus!

With a short break in 2020, to focus on the new branding and other projects in the IVAO Kitchens, we once again announce our highly anticipated Annual Event, Crowded Skies 2021! This is the one time a year, where we challenge all members of the IVAO Network, to simultaneously connect at the same time, either flying or controlling, and let us hear and see your wonderful coordination, as you cruise and monitor the virtual skies. As with previous years, Aerosoft has generously agreed to provide 1 euro for every connection to the network, during peak period. Peak this year will fall between 18:40 and 19:20z. This year will also mark the first year that our beta software for both clients is finally available for both clients, Aurora for ATC and Altitude for Pilots, with some exciting new features such as Simulated VHF Communications, making your radio transmissions more realistic than ever before!

The concept behind this event is not only goal of uniting our members one day a year to participate in the greatest event in our lineup, but the charity involved, it also allows our in-house DevOps department to monitor our servers, to ensure that we are providing you the best possible experience both during, and after the event.

This year's Crowded Skies marks the 16th year anniversary of the event, showcasing IVAO’s commitment to providing our users with quality events for years to come.

For more information about the Crowded Skies 21 event please visit [4 DEC | 00z - 23:59z] [HQ] Crowded Skies XVI