End of the Magazine, Beginning of a New Era of Virtual Sky

Virtual Sky magazine has been a joyous yet at times bumpy ride. Our extensive discussions within the Public Relations department and the Community yielded to the resolution that Virtual Sky is a much needed tool for IVAO community, but the channels need innovation and a total revamp.

From my personal experience, I had joined the Magazine team in May 2015 where I assisted then led the editing. It was indeed super exciting to be working for the entire community and deal with virtually every department and division of IVAO. Nevertheless, the workload was also very demanding and requires much dedication. This was never a problem; many teams were investing their time and energy into it. However, everyone was also looking to keep their effort relevant and attractive for members.

Virtual Sky Volume 11 Final Issue
Virtual Sky Volume 11 Final Issue

After much work, we are excited to wrap-up the Magazine project at its Volume 11, and announce its inheritor: the the Blog of Virtual Sky. We aspire to make of Virtual Sky a hub for all the flight simulation community that provides high-quality, reliable, and explanatory journalism targeting both the professional and amateur communities.

Along the coming weeks, the Public Relations department will be maintaining this blog running and looking to recruit an editorial board that will be in charge of drafting the Charter of Virtual Sky and then take over operations.

In the end, I would love to thank all my previous colleagues that have led Virtual Sky for more than 10 years since its creation, and make of it what it is today. I also particularly wish to thank my teammates Kalle and Alp for their boundless dedication to make this blog happen.