Hello Family!

We hope you are all safe and in good shelter!

During these times that we are facing all around the globe, we stand here to provide you the best flight simulation experience.

As we already announced, we will be hosting a Global Online Day tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th from 1800z to 2100z. More information about the event can be found here. We will see you there!

Important announcement: In case you have a sandbagging suspension, check your account! We have just granted a grace to all suspended accounts because of cases of sandbagging or other minor issues. Your account is active so you are free to join us!

The Global Online Day does not end on Saturday, it is only the start of a series of continental and divisional online days and events that will be announced over the upcoming days. If you participate in at least 4 of these events, you will receive a new exclusive award. We will announce details shortly!

The past days have been very busy on IVAO, and have allowed us to monitor the performance of our servers under stress. We have implemented significant load balancing improvement. As a result, the WebEye’s servers and IVAO’s web services are more stable.

See you tomorrow at 18z. Stay home, stay safe.