After our teaser video, we released an article announcing that we are conducting the last stage of finalising and testing the integration of our voice module with our clients.

We are proud to inform you that we will release new versions of both IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude and IVAO ATC Client: Aurora with a brand-new voice integration on September 5th, 2020. Save the date!

This release is of extreme importance as it will eliminate the need for the standalone TeamSpeak 2 client, hence resolving several compatibility issues for our members. Most important, it pumps a super dose of realism into the IVAO Experience.

The new IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude will come with built-in voice volume controls on the interface, one for each COM. Our pilots will also have access to additional sound settings that will allow them to select their preferred audio input and output hardware and set their PTT key. And evidently, we have added a special audio VHF effect (simulating real VHF Transmitters), such as realistic audio bandwidth and equalization, blocking of reception when current transmission is broadcasting, push-to-talk clicks (end of transmission sound) and additional background static noise.

IVAO aurora voice

The new ATC Client: Aurora will also come with its own magic. We have already mentioned in a previous article that Aurora is being developed with the help of real-life ATC professionals, and it is our goal to make IVAO ATC Client the most realistic ATC Client in the entire flight simulation community. In fact, the integrated voice will be working depending on ATC receivers, as we took samples and feedback from real ATCs to create what we have now.

This update of Aurora will also come with a highly requested feature called Ground Radar or also known as Map Rotation. Currently, all our sector files are oriented north. This ground radar feature will allow members to rotate their map for their use.

This will happen through a seamless transition, meaning that the IVAO Network will not experience any downtime. Pilots will have to download the latest version of Altitude. ATC will have to uninstall their old client and download the new one.

This update will not halt the compatibility of our legacy software. Our members who prefer to continue using IvAc and IvAp will still be able to do so.

Save the date, **Saturday September 5th, 2020. **

We thank you all for all your support and positive encouragement during our on-going developments.

IVAO will always remain an organisation that is fully committed to promising leading-edge software to its Community, and working at full capacity to offer the most sophisticated, realistic and convivial flight and ATC simulation experience.