IVAO has been working at full thrust to craft its software and release it to the Community before the end of this year. Finally, IVAO is thrilled to announce that its new software will be available to the public in BETA testing.

Keynote streams will be broadcast for the ATC Client on Saturday, 21st December 2019 at 1830z, and for the Pilot Client and Connector on Sunday, 22nd December 2019 at 1830z. Both streams will be hosted on IVAO’s YouTube Channel, and will have one of IVAO DevOps members showcasing a keynote demonstration of the software.

Each software will be available for download to IVAO members as soon its stream ends. The host of the stream will provide the download links and present a quick guide on how to start. Members who cannot make it at the time of the stream will still be able to replay it anytime later.

“This has simply been an outstanding display of teamwork, cooperation, dedication, sacrifice, and the combination of immense skills and talent to achieve” says Denton Young, on behalf of IVAO Executive Council. “What stands before us now, is a road that has been paved for the future. Thank you, and congratulations team!“.

The first release will be the one of IVAO ATC Client: Aurora. For the past four months, while IVAO software developers have been working hard on the coding part, Alpha-testing and dataprep teams have also been hard-pushing their preparation: Divisions from all over the world have been diligently working on preparing sector files for their areas as well as helping developers with software bug-tracking. Many divisions have gotten their sectors fully ready, and others will follow soon.

In fact, many of the divisional staff members leading sector preparation in divisions are actual real-life controllers. They ensured that sectors showcase a highly realistic experience that matches the real sectors in their workplace. Some of them shared with us the following comparisons:

Zurich Airport Real ATC Sector (left) versus IVAO’s New ATC Client Sector (right)

Jakarta Real ATC Sector (left) versus IVAO’s New ATC Client Sector (right)

Both the ATC Client software and all sector files are stored on IVAO’s servers. Members will not have to worry about updating their software or sector AIRACs as everything will be done automatically upon the launch of the Client. Below is a selection of some of the many sector files that have been uploaded by the divisions and are fully ready for use:

We thank David, Harry, Julien, Marco, Oguzhan and Pandu for their beautiful screenshots.

The second release will be of IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude. Several upgrades have taken place since our last communication with the Community. Firstly, the Pilot Client is now a standalone interface that runs independently from the simulator (much needed for ethernet connection from another computer). Also, we have added several new features to facilitate communication on-board. For example, pilots can now use the built-in Auto UNICOM tool and they can enable dual text reception (RX) on two different frequencies. We have implemented an enhanced Datalink ATIS in order to manage ATIS information on a separate window. We have successfully implemented the highly-anticipated cockpit sharing feature, and the Pilot Client is now 64-bit-compatible (for Prepar3D®) as well as 4k-screen compatible.

IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude user main interface

IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude auto Unicom tool.

IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude datalink ATIS tool.

IVAO web-based flight planning tool.

Lastly is the BETA release of IVAO Connector: Artifice (previously known as IvAi). This software allows air traffic controllers to enjoy a realistic tower view using their flight simulator when controlling.

This BETA release is crucial to IVAO as it will allow us to expand the testing of the software to thousands of our members. While the software has shown stability during alpha testing, it is normal that some members will come across some bugs that might cause disturbances, including software crashes. This constitutes an opportunity for members to contribute to the development process by reporting bugs and crashes on the new software support boards visible soon on IVAO’s Community Forum. 

IVAO Members are also able to use the new forum boards to suggest new features and provide developers with feedback. A dedicated team of DevOps staff will be in charge of monitoring the Forum boards, collecting feedback and providing user support. This is will allow IVAO developers to build better software and make decisions that meet and exceed members’ expectations.

“IVAO signifies a strong sense of community and fellowship above everything” affirms Elías Herrero, President of IVAO VzW. “The step we are going to be taking is a wonderful demonstration of that. We all need to be ready for this new era of flight simulation. No one can miss it.” he added.

We will leave you with more screenshots of the Pilot Client: Altitude from our alpha testers Alp, Erwan and Roberto. We will see you next weekend, Saturday 21st Dec and Sunday 22nd Dec at 1830z on IVAO’s YouTube Channel. Mark your calendars! 

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