IVAO is very proud to announce that, after a successful testing phase, starting tomorrow MUAC (Maastricht Upper Area Control) will be opened to the public!

In recent months the HQ ATC Operations Department, in collaboration with the Netherlands, German, and BeLux Region Divisions, has prepared the implementation of MUAC. During this time, numerous staff members have been able to test the MUAC airspace, to provide us with feedback on implementation.

The testing phase has been successfully completed, which means that from April 1st 2021, we will be able to welcome controllers and pilots from around the globe at MUAC!

MUAC is the upper area airspace above the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and a part of Germany. MUAC is responsible for traffic operations between FL245 and FL660. This means that all crossing traffic above FL245 is required to contact one of the MUAC sectors, if online.

With the introduction of MUAC, also comes a special training program. All controllers who meet the rating requirements are eligible to join this program. It consists of three different modules and is concluded with a practical checkout.

All information about MUAC, it’s Training Program, the procedures, and much more, can be found on the dedicated MUAC Wiki: https://wiki.ivao.aero/en/home/atcoperations/muac

Happy flying and controlling!

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