On Sunday 6 December 2020, IVAO, in collaboration with ZiboMod, released a new update of its Pilot Client: Altitude, integrating the new SELCAL feature.  

This update adds unprecedented realism to our Pilot Client. In real-life, SELCAL (for SELective-CALling) is a radio system that is commonly used to alert an aircraft's crew that an Air Traffic Control station wishes to communicate with the aircraft. SELCAL uses a ground-based encoder and radio transmitter to broadcast an audio signal that is picked up by a decoder and radio receiver on an aircraft. The use of SELCAL allows the Pilot to be notified of incoming communications. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuous radio listening (Read more on Wikipedia)

We immensely thank our friends at ZiboMod for their collaboration with us, and we look forward to further collaborations in the future.

IVAO will always remain an organisation that is fully committed to promising leading-edge software to its Community, and working at full capacity to offer the most sophisticated, realistic and convivial flight and ATC simulation experience.

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