As promised, we are following up with fresh new insights straight from our DevOps Team. In our previous release, we told you about our New Pilot Client and our new ATC Client. The feedback has been huge! We are super delighted that you guys liked the progress we have made so far.

You will recall from our previous post, we have shared some screenshots of our new Flight Plan Tool. Our New Pilot Client is being designed in a way that Flight Plan Management will occur on a web-based platform, instead of inside the pilot client, as in the current Client IVAP.

IVAO Flight Plan Tool

This feature will bring many benefits. For instance, you will be able to save, access and use your previously-submitted flight plans. You will also be able to maintain your own aircraft hangar.

This is where you would fill-in and file your flight plan.
This is where you would fill-in and file your flight plan.

We have also added a section called “Upcoming Flight Plans“, as pilots will be able to file their flight plans in advance. The section will show you the available flight plans as follows:

  • The flight plan highlighted with grey background are old non active flight plan.
  • The flight plan highlighted with green background are current active flight plan.
  • The flight plan with white background are future flight plan and currently not active (i.e. not yet filed).

Using the action buttons, you can close flight plan and archive it, export flight plan, edit a flight plan, or reactivate an outdated flight plan.

Moreover, one of the other new features of the Flight Plan Tool is “Archived Flight Plans” section:

Archieved Flight Plans

Archive Buttons

Evidently, you will be able to search and sort your archieved flight plans. You will be able to export archived flight plans, clone, file a new flight plan based on the selected one, or permanently delete the archived flight plan from the server.

You will have your own Aircraft Hangar section where you could manage the different aircrafts that you will be using on IVAO:

When creating or editing your aircraft, you will need to fill-in the following:

Edit Aircraft

Finally, since our last release, many of you have asked about offering support for a Cockpit Sharing feature, which will allow you to have a secondary observer connection. We are excited to announce this feature will be available! In fact, it will soon be incorporated into the Alpha Testing phase.

That’s all what we’ve got for you for this release. We will be back very soon with some more news. In the meanwhile, we will see you today and tomorrow in our busy IVAO 48 Hours Focus Event.

Happy flying and controlling!