We are delighted to announce that a new MTL system is on its way on the 29th of May. With this new system comes a new platform for you to consult our immense catalogue as well as submit partner and real world liveries, a new installer is also being released so that you can install only the liveries and models you want.

This has been one of the most  requested updates among the IVAO family and we are excited to inform you that this new update will bring a brand new MTL Catalog, Website and Installer. We have also constructed a new Library for P3Dv4+ and FSX which includes:

  • 100+ Models
  • New animations
  • Enhanced lighting
  • High Definition Textures

Upon release, you’ll need to upgrade your Altitude with the new version which will be going live at the same time. Instructions on how to download will be available on the new MTL Website.

With this new chapter on MTL, we are more than happy to continue working to make your experience on IVAO much smoother.

Wait! What about my FPS?

During the Closed BETA testing we monitored that the new MTL does not come at the cost of performance in your simulator, we have kept it balanced so that you can enjoy every single part of your flight.

For your questions, you can check out our FAQ which will be available on release. It is important to note that the new MTL Installer will only be available on Lockheed Martin P3D, FSX and FS9 platforms.

A lot more is still to come and we are excited with what the future has to offer, stay tuned!

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