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Altitude is available for download at!

Important: Please remember to close your simulator prior to updating, then reboot your computer.

Version 1.10.7b

23 May 2022


  • Add a warning message when observers connect without the required "_OBS" postfix (including shared cockpit users)
  • Allow callsigns up to 12 characters (useful for shared cockpit observers)
  • Fix MSFS freezes due to multiplayer traffic
  • Fix world server error message not being displayed
  • Fix invalid calculation in X-plane interpolation

Version 1.10.6b

1 April 2022


  • Enable logging, pilot core will create log to help troubleshooting
    Log Location
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/IVAO
    Linux: ~/.ivao
    Win: same location with the sim exe or pilot core exe (FS2020)
    Log File Name
    XPL: ivao_pilot_core_xpl.log
    FSX/P3D: ivao_pilot_core_fsxp3d.log
    FS2020: ivao_pilot_core_fs2020.log
    FS9: ivao_pilot_core_fs9.log
  • Add slats animation for X-CSL
  • Fix crash issue when connecting to voice server
  • Fix audio device not appear on the list
  • Improve Pilot UI drop down usability for MTL listing
  • Fix Pilot UI Follow Me Car auto selection bug
  • Fix Pilot UI only allow one instance to run at a time
  • Pilot UI change logo to new brand
  • Stability improvement
  • XPL support weight_on_wheels XPMP dataref
  • XPL expose some Altitude info using dataref
    • ivaopilot/selcal
    • ivaopilot/online
    • ivaopilot/ptt
    • ivaopilot/audio/com1_rx
    • ivaopilot/audio/com2_rx
  • MSFS add integration with panel Transponder Ident
  • MSFS ability to set Transponder State from Pilot UI

Version 1.10.5b

27 September 2021


  • 32bit support at Pilot UI
  • Auto Unicom timer set to 3 min
  • Auto Unicom circuit direction keep changing bug fix
  • PilotUI memory leak fix
  • MTL List synchronization with new Catalog

Version 1.10.4b

29 May 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • [FS9/FSX/P3D] integration with new MTL library
  • Fix Auto UNICOM 6 minutes timer disappear after landed
  • [XPL] Bug fix dual Rx radio become single Rx after switching Tx Com1/2
  • Fix "The server you are connecting to isn't an IVAO network server" error when connecting

Version 1.10.3b

4 April 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Improve TS2 connection stability
  • FS2020 pilot core add warning for MTL loading issue
  • XPL plane parameter interpolation
  • Fix MTL plane floating at EHAM
  • Auto unicom FL100 bug fix
  • XPL Multiplayer Library upgrade for stability improvement

Version 1.10.2b

6 December 2020

New Features:

  • [XPL] Integration with Zibo SELCAL panel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix issue #395 - Auto UNICOM wrong flight level & altitude rounding
  • [P3D] Fix for aircraft radio panel stuck at 8.33khz frequency
  • Fix CTD on ATC frequency change

Version 1.10.1b

Released on 7 November 2020

After the huge launch of our integrated voice module last September, this version also comes with a surprise.
Are you still in love with FS2004? We’ve got you covered.
We are very proud to inform you that our Pilot Client: Altitude is now fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004!

Bugs Solved:

  • Fix device listing for Linux
  • Fix VHF effects not amplified correctly
  • Fix XPL crash when spawning CSL
  • Improve stability for TS2 channel tuning
  • Add logic to tune into closest ATC for multiple visible ATCs with same frequency
  • FS9 bug fix tuning COM2 will tune COM1
  • Allow ATC with callsign EXA to be displayed in ATC List
  • Fix Pilot UI online time calculation during DST transition
  • [FSX/P3D/FS2020] Optimize SimConnect data refresh rate
  • [XPL] Attempt to fix CTD during CSL spawning

New Features:

  • Altitude is now available for FS2004 (FS9)
  • Add colour to XPL message window text
  • XPL message alert pop up feature
  • FSX/P3D/XPL add menu to enable / disable sim text message
  • Add MTL Visibility Range setting in IVAO_Pilot_Client.conf. Valid value is between 5 and 50

Version 1.10.0b

Released on 5 September 2020

After our teaser video, we released an article announcing that we are conducting the last stage of finalising and testing the integration of our voice module with our clients.

We are proud to inform you that we will release new versions of both IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude and IVAO ATC Client: Aurora with a brand-new voice integration on September 5th, 2020. Save the date!

This release is of extreme importance as it will eliminate the need for the standalone TeamSpeak 2 client, hence resolving several compatibility issues for our members. Most important, it pumps a super dose of realism into the IVAO Experience.

Check out the full Virtual Sky article here.

Version 1.9.19b

Released on 29 July 2020

This version provides several stability fixes, including improved stability for X-Plane BETA versions. The ‘use voice’ checkbox has been improved and now shows an indicator on a controllers radar. The Transponder logic has been changed so that we no longer depend on FSUIPC; this also solves several add-on XPDR integrations not working.

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-332: Disconnected traffic does not disappear
PILOT-222: PilotUI was not correctly displayed on high-resolution displays
Fix [P3D/FSX]: Transponder is now able to interact properly with add-on aircraft.
Fix [X-Plane]: Improved stability (including X-Plane BETA versions 11.50.x)
Improved: Updated MTL list
Improved: Smoother landing interpolation

New Features:

The “use voice” option has been improved; there now is the choice to choose between Full Voice, RX Only & Text Only. These modes are also displayed on a controllers radar.

Version 1.9.18b

Released on 29 May 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-321: Added 8.33kHz compatibility for FSX and P3D
PILOT-325: X-Plane – Map for 11.50 deactivated by default
PILOT:328: X-Plane – Acquire AI aircraft improved
PILOT-326: X-Plane – Cross-thread race conditions
PILOT-324: FPS drops should be a lot less frequent
PILOT-327: Trim UI data from user to prevent protocol 4 errors

Version 1.9.17b

Released on 14 May 2020

In our continuous effort to provide you – our member – the best experience, we have worked together with the Leonardo Maddog X team. With the aim to support 8.33kHz frequencies in P3Dv5. No add-on aircraft so far has been released with this new feature of P3Dv5. The Maddog X team gave us an exclusive possibility to implement this feature in Altitude with one of their beta MD-80’s!

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-316: AutoUnicom update
PILOT-318: Set Unicom radio freq & squawk 2000 only at first connect in sim session
PILOT-322: FPL caching in case of disconnect, automatic resend of last FPL
PILOT-317: PilotUI auto connect to sim at launch (if sim is already running)
PILOT-315 & PILOT-320: Async clone of CSL (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-319: Improved model matching (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-313: Fixed initial position of multiplayer traffic
PILOT-311: Fixed mirrored labels (X-Plane)
PILOT-314: CTD fixes

New Features:

PILOT-016: FollowMe feature
PILOT-080: Basic CSL included in Altitude installer for X-Plane
PILOT-317: Network check between PilotUI & PilotCore, to detect lost connections
PILOT-321: 8.33 kHz support for P3Dv5

Version 1.9.16b

Released on 28 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-237: AU: If AU is closed and reopened, the runway is reset to 18 (only display issue)PILOT-261: AU always reporting 1000ft above actual altitude for cruisePILOT-269: AU: When I click to get second METAR in AU it do not work.PILOT-274: AU not reporting which parking you’re inPILOT-272: CSL: Older format CSL light have squared shape (Workaround proposed)PILOT-277: AU Client on second monitor crashes when using Auto UnicomPILOT-298: AU: Bad or absent  METAR after click
PILOT-306: CORE: Reference on an deleted object in the new X-Plane Multiplayer libraryPILOT-309: CORE: Multi-threading Simconnect issue with FSXPILOT-310: CORE: Altitude Longitude Calculation above 1000 due to interpolation

New Features:

PILOT-307: UI: Display UTC time
PILOT-308: UI Display time online
PILOT-254: AU: Add the 6 minute timer
PILOT-253: AU: Lower size of AU

Version 1.9.15b

Released on 24 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-301: CORE multi-threading handling issue
PILOT-305: INSTALLER – fixed install issue with FSX

New Features:

PILOT-300: CORE: Make compatible with Xplane 11.50 Vulkan and Metal

PILOT-302: INSTALLER: Make it compatible with P3D V5

PILOT-304: CORE: Move show TAG option for X-plane from UI-settings to Plugin Pilot client menu in X-plane

Version 1.9.14b

Released on 12 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-292: Missing packets due to an error in TCP

PILOT-294: Frame rate warning logic change for X-Plane

PILOT-293: Interpolation improvement

New Features:

PILOT-291: New async library CSL for X-Plane

PILOT-238: Server load display

Version 1.9.10b

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-105: The context menu for the freq (REQ ATIS, TUNE COM1) disappears very quickly on MAC

PILOT-229: CSL do not display landing gears after a reconnecting

PILOT-234: Simulator Crash after frequency change or sq change

PILOT-240: Selecting a new frequency and the frequency is still displayed in Dual reception and ATC do not receive the message.

PILOT-247: When I connect without a defined MTL, a disconnect occurs

PILOT-248: Disconnecting by using button in Altitude crashes

PILOT-249: I disconnected with Altitude but the webeye show me connected also the present position of my aircraft

PILOT-250: crashes usually when I try to connect the second time in the same sim session

PILOT-251: Random Connector crash with Xplane

PILOT-255: Protocol Error 4 on connect

PILOT-260: CSL path in Altitude MAC version is not good: characters ‘:’ replace ‘/’ in path

PILOT-262: Create a new colour for a direct message from ATC to you as the pilot (light green)

PILOT-265: TS2 switching do not success sometimes or all the time

PILOT-267: DEP position is not listed in the ATC list.

PILOT-268: Win Register Path for FSX:SE are different and installer do not find FSX:SE

PILOT-270: Communication between Connector and UI is lost and connector maintains the network connection

PILOT-271: Connector for Linux do not work

PILOT-275: Webeye is not showing the complete username – Altitude Client

PILOT-278: Diacritics in the departure and destination code of the flight plan

New Features:

PILOT-43: Possibility to have a sound scheme for certain action

PILOT-99: Display x-plane Sim-Ratio somewhere on the interface

PILOT-236: Possibility to disable or enable current incoming text message on frequency sound or disable it only on UNICOM

PILOT-256: Create a TCAS sound mute function (requested by SOD)

PILOT-266: Display the incoming private message on the main frequency and blink the MSG more visible.