Version ControlAURORA 1.1.66b + 32bit Support

Andre Vieira3 months ago1441 min



A new update for Aurora was published today. The changelog can be found below.



  • Autofill ATIS trans altitude
  • Route points circles
  • Route direct draw
  • Connect (autoselect servers with fewer connections)
  • Combox display pilot callsign in front
  • Strange characters on route text
  • Airport METAR refresh
  • Saves profile state of the main screen (windows / fullscreen)
  • Combox messages scrolling to end
  • Added settings “Save profile on exit”
  • Clearance altitude (Green = Cruising Blue=Cleared)
  • Added settings “Ignore DUPE”
  • INFO-line in radar
  • Added INFO-line colour
  • SSR assignment
  • Clearance shortcuts W=waypoint A=Altitude S=Speed Q=SQK
  • Trimmed sid/star on double click AIRPORTS
  • Added shortcut for zoom + – (also INSET)



Aurora is now available for 32bt Windows platform, download now.



Andre Vieira

André has been the Public Relations Assistant Director of IVAO since early 2019. Prior to that, he had served for several years as staff and Assistant Director of IVAO Portugal.

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