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Andre Vieira10 months ago46646 min

Version 1.2.1b

19th of September 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Wrong traffic labeling
  • Traffic VOICE STATE change not visible for others
  • Static tone not closing when changing equipment. (VHF RADIO)
  • Screens invisible when desktop situation changes
  • Voice channel creation
  • Defa position on load profile

New Features:

UI Font and Size, Settings & Labels.
Discord Rich Presence (64bits only): Aurora now shows up properly as ‘playing game’ within Discord.
Exam & Training module added to show additional traffic info.

Version 1.2.0b

Bugs Solved:

  • Ignores description “Dummy” in airspace data (Sector)
  • BUG track in Exam
  • Delete sector (deletes only sector file)

New Features:

  • Filters use SHIFT+ -> GEO,ACC,HS,LS,DA,PA,RA
  •  Short cut’s in Airports for switching selection (C,R,V,M)
  •  Sector ATC list added field overrule settings file (profile 4th field)
  • Sector Filter added a field for PA/DA/RA filter (6th field)
  • Sector Added field for NON-TMA in VOR and NDB
  • Combox “.TAF” (TAF request)
  • Combox “.SHORTTAF” (short TAF request)
  • selection soundcard and volume PVD / SOUNDS.
  • Allowed to use a semicolon: in combo
  • MAP rotation PVD/SETTINGS/RADAR (for ground radar)
  • 3rd Party software access PVD/SETTINGS/OTHER
  • Added “GA’, “LND” in altitude labels
  • ATIS RMK multirow.
  • Pressure altitude corrected
  • SQK series add Flight rules (Vfr/Ifr) + Flight type (Civil/Military)
  • SQK series via IVAO Server. (SETTINGS/SQK) 
  • SQK series added, “Randomize multi hits”.
  • VFR Default (SETTINGS/SQK)
  • HAL spawn timer + LOOP in scenario 
  • HAL AUTO clearance
  • Auto-update sector in PVD / SECTORS 
  • OS strip for inset
  • Smoothness main screen.
  • VHF RADIO settings in PVD/SETTINGS.


Version 1.1.75b


New features:
  • High Processor Usage (Settings>Other)
  • Separated the ATIS, UTC and METAR labels
  • Hide/show assumed traffic when GTR is OFF (SHIFT + GTR)
  • Option to save ATIS, METAR and CLOCK position
  • Pulldown menu for Fonts
  • Option to save FIX, NDB and VOR filters in profile
  • PSR

Bugs Solved:

  • DEFA not visible if setting “Zoom Range” is off
  • Ghost lines (traffic leaving speed vector)

Version 1.1.74b



New features:

  • You can now use QDM in INSET windows
  • Using the Transfer List you can now add the next controller of any aircraft.
  • Added option for on screen strip at Settings>Radar which includes following information:
    • BAY List
    • next ATC information
  • Added option to fill background color of on screen strip from Settings>Labels>OS Strip Background Filled
  • Added Final Approach Procedure (FAP), Initial Approach Procedure (IAP), HOLDs and TRANSITIONs to Airport Menu
  • When using spaced Traffic Vector, you can now change the space lenght of traffic vector, from Settings>Vector>Space Spaced Vector
  • You can now use SHIFT to cancel your QDM
  • Traffic manager now lists traffic based on their Departure Time instead of Callsign!
  • You can now save DEFA preferences in your profile.
  • On traffic manager, button Uncontrolled is now separated to all windows
  • You can now change Label Lock Type from Settings>Labels. This means the behavior of traffic labels when zoomed
  • Altitude alerts can be enabled from Settings, and their color could be changed from color scheme
  • Aircraft types and categories are now visible in Traffic Manager below the callsign.
  • HAL Scenario Creator is added. You can now create and save your scenarios.
  • You can add FREE TEXT to your On Screen Strip and this will be transferred also to the next controller.
  • Manage Multi QDM on radar by clicking on QDM Label, you can transfer QDMs from one aircraft to another. Double click removes the QDM.
  • Traffic Mouse area can be enabled from Settings>Labels
  • Departure in SQK series is now added. You can now filter your sqk series for Airports, Departure or Destination.

Bugs Solved:

  • Creating Chat windows is fixed
  • Traffic refresh rate (0,5..5,0 sec) depending on ATC position
  • Stability is improved
  • Hide/Show clearance field in Traffic Manager

Version 1.1.73b



  • [68] SHIFT +primary button to move traffic-labels
  • [Settings] Speed vector spaced set time 15sec,30sec,1min
  • [ColorShceme]IDENT color 
  • [ColorShceme]SID STAR line type
  • [Combox] .c find navaids + airports
  • [Combox] .t find traffic
  • NAVAIDS Symbols
  • Active wind data in airports/runways
  • Size info and actual wind labels by double clicking. (label left side = smaller, right side = bigger)
  • [PVD] Find Sectors
  • [BUG] Transponder type-a data
  • [BUG] Some SHORTCUTS were not working:
    • Shortcut SET ANCHOR (ALT+X)
    • Shortcut QDM (ALT+D)
    • Shortcut ALT+Z (ASSUME/RELEASE traffic)
    • Shortcut Traffic vector line time (0,1,2,4,8)
    A new update for Aurora was published. The changelog can be found below.  
  • Autofill ATIS trans altitude
  • Route points circles
  • Route direct draw
  • Connect (autoselect servers with fewer connections)
  • Combox display pilot callsign in front
  • Strange characters on route text
  • Airport METAR refresh
  • Saves profile state of the main screen (windows / fullscreen)
  • Combox messages scrolling to end
  • Added settings “Save profile on exit”
  • Clearance altitude (Green = Cruising Blue=Cleared)
  • Added settings “Ignore DUPE”
  • INFO-line in radar
  • Added INFO-line colour
  • SSR assignment
  • Clearance shortcuts W=waypoint A=Altitude S=Speed Q=SQK
  • Trimmed sid/star on double click AIRPORTS
  • Added shortcut for zoom + – (also INSET)
    Aurora is now available for 32bt Windows platform, download now.    

Andre Vieira

André has been the Public Relations Assistant Director of IVAO since early 2019. Prior to that, he had served for several years as staff and Assistant Director of IVAO Portugal.

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