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Andre Vieira1 month ago11803 min

Change Log:

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-105: The context menu for the freq (REQ ATIS, TUNE COM1) disappears very quickly on MAC

PILOT-229: CSL do not display landing gears after a reconnection

PILOT-234: Simulator Crash after frequency change or sq change

PILOT-240: Selecting a new frequency and the frequency is still displayed in Dual reception and ATC do not receive the message.

PILOT-247: When I connect without a defined MTL, a disconnect occurs

PILOT-248: Disconnecting by using button in Altitude crashes

PILOT-249: I disconnected with Altitude but the webeye show me connected also the present position of my aircraft

PILOT-250: crashes usually when I try to connect the second time in the same sim session

PILOT-251: Random Connector crash with Xplane

PILOT-255: Protocol Error 4 on connect

PILOT-260: CSL path in Altitude MAC version is not good: characters ‘:’ replace ‘/’ in path

PILOT-262: Create a new colour for a direct message from ATC to you as the pilot (light green)

PILOT-265: TS2 switching do not success sometimes or all the time

PILOT-267: DEP position is not listed in the ATC list.

PILOT-268: Win Register Path for FSX:SE are different and installer do not find FSX:SE

PILOT-270: Communication between Connector and UI is lost and connector maintains the network connection

PILOT-271: Connector for Linux do not work

PILOT-275: Webeye is not showing the complete username – Altitude Client

PILOT-278: Diacritics in the departure and destination code of the flight plan


New Features:

PILOT-43: Possibility to have a sound scheme for certain action

PILOT-99: Display x-plane Sim-Ratio somewhere on the interface

PILOT-236: Possibility to disable or enable current incoming text message on frequency sound or disable it only on UNICOM

PILOT-256: Create a TCAS sound mute function (requested by SOD)

PILOT-266: Display the incoming private message on the main frequency and blink the MSG more visible.


Andre Vieira

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