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Jack Plumb

New Year, New Altitude.

There is nothing better than to start 2024 with a new release of IVAO's Pilot Client, Altitude. Today, we are excited to announce Altitude 1.13. A major reworked version of the popular client lays the foundations and enables us to prepare for the intriguing developments planned for 2024. The...

Jack Plumb

Time to turn up the volume!

The long-awaited release of Voice Unicom is here and available for all members of the IVAO Family to enjoy. For the first time on IVAO, pilots can communicate and broadcast their intentions to assist with avoiding in-flight conflict by voice. Voice Unicom is the most anticipated addition to our network....

Jack Plumb

Upping your MSFS experience!

Last year we welcomed the next generation of our famous Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL) to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D. Following the release of this exciting enhancement for users of those platforms, we saw an ever-increasing request to bring this next generation to the latest...

Public Relations Department

IVAO Releases: Altitude Update, Integrating SELCAL

On Sunday 6 December 2020, IVAO, in collaboration with ZiboMod [], released a new update of its Pilot Client: Altitude, integrating the new SELCAL feature. This update adds unprecedented realism to our Pilot Client. In real-life, SELCAL (for SELective-CALling) is a radio system that is commonly used to...

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