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Jack Plumb

New Year, New Altitude.

There is nothing better than to start 2024 with a new release of IVAO's Pilot Client, Altitude. Today, we are excited to announce Altitude 1.13. A major reworked version of the popular client lays the foundations and enables us to prepare for the intriguing developments planned for 2024. The...

Jack Plumb

Infrastructure Update - Q3 2022 (Jul - Sept)

Dear IVAO Family, Some time has passed since I last spoke with you about updates to our Software Roadmap. Since my last communication, the team has made excellent progress and achievements for our membership base. Since the initial update in January, the Network's Executive Council has restructured. In short, this...

Public Relations Department

IVAO Announces: WebEye 3.0

IVAO is proud and delighted to present the flight simulation community with WebEye 3.0! WebEye has always been a flagship tool for IVAO presenting members with a real-time visualisation of connected Pilots and Controllers all over the virtual IVAN world. Each with unique insights into their route, ATIS, VHF...

Public Relations Department

IVAO Update: Update on the Task Force

Dear IVAO Family, Firstly, we would like to thank every single one of you for your high involvement in providing us with useful feedback, as well as your patience and understanding during the past few weeks. It’s also important to thank all our staff for all the feedback they’...

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