Version 3.2.0
09th of May 2021

New Features:

  • Records show every 15 seconds
  • Special Areas and NOTAMs Added
  • New Brand
  • Settings Pages now connected with the tracker, if you set dark at the tracker it will be at the webeye
  • New Login


Possible to add different label lines (Maximum 3)
New Login Form
195 Software stratistic usage
274 Friends Icon color & My Icon color
269 Align aircraft on flight status timeline
269 flight data panel not well ajusted
274 Friends Icon color & My Icon color
435 Cannot set My Icon color
465 VFR Planned Altitude
509 Display error on the Webeye
520 Airport code two lines instead of one line when char is too.
Click on my AC, blank page appears
Menu items misaligned
Page hangs just after loading
about button
Friends List
Aircraft Progress
Flight plan update
ATIS text repeated
Setting and colors are still active after logging out
Software Versions
Logout redirect loop

Older Versions

Version 3.1.0
12th of October 2020

New Features:

Pilot and ATC Sorting

Distance to destination

Hide info when deselecting

Reorder sidebar icons

Search Filter

Open webeye at specified coordinates

Colour of own aircraft

Departure Time tooltip

Tower Shape

Members suggestions:

Different colour for ground traffic

Friends Profile

Different colour for own traffic

_Sort inbound/outbound list _


Most popular airports: small display bug

F18 did not display

First load settings wrong

Webeye did not show some traffic

Default Approach shape did not display on Webeye

Missing mouse pointer icon on IVAO logo

Discrepancies on metar indication

Webeye Traffic error

Wrong indicator distance box