Dear IVAO Community,

As we approach the end of this remarkable year, celebrating IVAO's 25th Anniversary, we are thrilled to announce our flagship event, "IVAO Silver Skies 2023." Mark your calendars for the 16th of December, as we prepare for an aviation spectacle like no other.

Reflecting on the milestones achieved in our 25th year, IVAO has witnessed incredible growth and improvements. The 25th-anniversary tour-event series, guided by our vibrant community, has been a testament to the spirit that defines IVAO. We have fulfilled promises for a better infrastructure and user experience, introducing new features such as the revamped forum and the enhanced voice Unicom, among many others.

In the midst of December's festivities, Silver Skies 2023 is not the only highlight. Our calendar is brimming with exciting events, including the Lapland Fly-In and the final leg of the 25th Anniversary tour-events. The Lapland Fly-In promises a winter wonderland experience, while the grand finale of our tour-events will see us soaring into IVAO's birthplace in Brussels. These events are designed to unite our community in the joy of flight, making December a month to remember.

We want to take a moment to express our deep appreciation for the exceptional efforts of the World Tour and Events Department. Handling the Silver Jubilee year is no small feat, and their dedication, creativity, and meticulous planning have made each event a resounding success. Their commitment to providing engaging and memorable experiences for our members have truly elevated IVAO's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Last year, we shared our commitment to transparency and communication, outlining the strides made by our Development Operations Department. The improved infrastructure has resulted in a stable technical landscape, significantly enhancing uptime and overall user experience. Legacy web systems have returned, enabling training to resume, and the introduction of Voice Unicom has brought a new dimension to our communication capabilities.

In our previous announcement, we mentioned the deferment of the Crowded Skies event to December 2023. This decision was made to ensure we have ample time to enhance our software and introduce exciting new features for an even more immersive flight simulation experience. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the return of Crowded Skies in December 2023.

Now, we are excited to unveil IVAO's biggest event of the year, Silver Skies 2023. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience, showcasing the best of our community and the flight simulation world. Join us on the 16th of December for Silver Skies 2023, where aviation enthusiasts from around the globe will come together to celebrate the joy of flying.

Stay tuned for our events and prepare for an aviation extravaganza that will leave you in awe. Thank you for being a part of the IVAO community, and here's to many more years of soaring the virtual skies together.

On behalf of the Activity Services and the Executive Council,

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