Aurora Client - Change Log

IVAO ATC Client: Aurora updates take place automatically. When you start Aurora, it will prompt you to restart to install update. No further action is required.

➡️ Version
Released on 22 May 2024


  • ATC window color choice removed.
  • ATIS deactivates when no voice ATIS is active.
  • Auto voice server selection improved.
  • Traffic release color on unicom updated.
  • Options in Altitude field updated (TAG, LAPP, LPASS, SAG).
  • Route DCT data revised.
  • Label function in DEP/ARR info at AIRPORTS modified.
  • Multiple lines on SID/STAR info adjusted.
  • Text on SID/STAR info limited.
  • CDPLC (TELEX) no longer sends 'STANDBY' when empty.


  • Traffic heading indicator for traffic on the ground.
  • STATIC ATIS info (selectable) in Settings/Vector.
  • Prefix for level flight.
  • Options in Altitude field (TAG, LAP, SAG).
  • Auto accept CPDLC option in Settings/COM.
  • Navaids visibility in DEP/ARR procedures at AIRPORTS.
  • Navaids Symbol visibility in DEP/ARR procedures at AIRPORTS.
  • Colour assignment for static labels (ALT, ALTA, ALTC, ALTTR, VS, SPD, SPDA, WP, TRACK, IDENT, DEST, AIRCR).
  • COORDINATES in route.


  • Short Speed and Altitude display in inset corrected.
  • Voice connection issue when no ATIS is active resolved.
  • Links in LOGIN screen (signup and reset password) fixed.
  • Vector line visibility filters adjusted.
  • Route issues when using SPD-ALT info fixed.
  • Strange characters and spd+alt change info in route corrected.
  • Route info after deleting direct addressed.
  • ALT min/max values in labels corrected.
  • Wrong airport SID/STAR on Route fixed.
  • Polygon color definitions adjusted.
  • Sector loading speed improved.

➡️ Version
Released on 29 Mar 2024


  • Stability improvements implemented.
  • Speed now displayed in standard dynamic labels when assumed.
  • INSET Pref bar structure modified.
  • Inset MENU resized for improved usability.
  • Traffic options added for enhanced control.


  • INSET Pref bar functions introduced.
  • Inbound traffic visibility on SSR enhanced.
  • Inbound transfer traffic made visible on SSR for improved monitoring.


  • Labels/ownership synchronization issue resolved, ensuring accurate data representation.

➡️ Version
Released on 3 Jan 2024


  • Waypoint dynamic labels visible
  • Catching extra space in route
  • Alt label value after set


  • Black background showing on first weather radar or satellite overlay refresh
  • CTD on route calculation
  • Radio not disconnecting when network connection closed due to FRA restrictions

Released on 7 Dec 2023


  • Traffic frame Border color


  • Unable or wrong select traffic.
  • ATIS playback screen on high DPI
  • Fix update on version without suffix
  • Elevation data hiding others

Released on 4 Dec 2023


  • Weather radar
  • Show/hide snow option on weather radar
  • Save weather radar overlay area to profile
  • RainViewer credit label to weather radar UI
  • Ability to edit Flight plan
  • Streamer mode
  • Close button to user stats window
  • WND to GEO pref buttons
  • Filter on CLR function in Settings/Other
  • Window snap function
  • Error message if sector loading fails
  • Transfer Altitude in Traffic labels
  • Defined labels prefix
  • Short Altitude and Speed in settings
  • VFR in altitude selection
  • Shortcut "G" for gate assign
  • Gates and Assigned SSR shared via server
  • Static labels Gate field
  • Dynamic labels Gate info
  • MVA's enroute
  • New software update system


  • Traffic history option to 5, 10, 20 seconds
  • Improved memory usage
  • Auto size frame static labels
  • Traffic Label-line behavior
  • Traffic background color with alpha-blend value


  • No extra info on SID/STAR
  • COMBOX space behind callsign
  • Refresh METAR line in Airports
  • Refresh SPEC. AREAS activity
  • Kick from voice channel
  • Color scale not drawing when color scheme changes
  • Stuck PTT timeout and alarm
  • Main window disappearing outside screen bounds when on high dpi settings
  • Voice reconnection causing freeze and crash
  • Flickering on settings window when changing tab
  • Sector plf not showing when in ICAO.plf file
  • Fixed Squawk code always equal to 1000
  • Fixed session token not refreshing
  • Sector loading error causes application hang
  • Missing ownership when connecting
  • Assigned altitude prefix showing default in inset
  • INSET Prefix in labels incorrect

Released on 8 May 2023


  • PTT block time increased for ATC.
  • ATIS selects auto english tts.
  • Sort alphabetic transferlist.
  • Nearest airport in INSET skips hiden.
  • Block ATIS if offline.
  • ACC lines drawing above HS and LS.

New Features

  • Sector : Voice ATIS structure on ATC positions.
  • Colorscheme : Line type for airways.
  • Transfer List in Call History Intercom.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that forced the antenna position to always be on the airport center point.
  • Fixed the transition altitude when MTR is assigned in FT.
  • Fixed the ATIS open screen, which was blocked for a few seconds.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with the SVG (images) viewer.
  • Resolved a PTT buffer error.
  • Trainers and examiners will now receive ATIS in sequence.
  • Added extra navaid info on the route.
  • Resolved missing/double nav data on the route.
  • Made the transfer list visible on high DPI.
  • Added the ability to change EOBT via the strips list.
  • Fixed issues with CPDLC/TELEX sending strange values on
  • Fixed a bug where CPDLC/DCL lost assigned data.
  • Added the ability to cancel the next ATC.
  • Fixed the callsign in Guard messages.

Version 1.2.25b
Released on 9 May 2022


  • Fix hang on close
  • Removed IVAN password

Version 1.2.23b
Released on 1 April 2022


  • Do not select World Server as default server

Version 1.2.22b
Released on 1 April 2022


  • Add auto select World Server TeamSpeak server when selecting World Server network server

Version 1.2.21b
Released on 10 January 2022

New Features

  • Mouse Area Extended function on Static labels.
  • VSsymbol and No Spece function in Static labels.
  • 5 Pattern type for lines. (Color settings)
  • Added Pattern to DA,PA,RA
  • Checks double SSR in Radar range / assigned SSR after request from Server. Re-request max 20x,
  • VERA includes VS calculation.
  • Traffic speed vectors 0 to 9 min. (Shortcuts 1..0)
  • Short Term Collision Alert STCA
  • Colors and Linetype for STCA
  • Conflict settings for STCA
  • Track in static labels.
  • Sector Added 6th field to SID for Transitions.
  • Settings / Vector Runway Center Approach Gates distance.
  • MIN / MAX value for Speed and Altitude.
  • Shortcuts - and + in fields for Max Min

Bug Fixes

  • Voice server keeps logged in after disconnection.
  • Threads closing on close.
  • Closing bug on forms.
  • Exam button accept. not visible on request.
  • Error when selecting traffic. (CTD)
  • Ghost defined text labels appear when deactivated in static label
  • Aurora does not start if settings folder does not exist
  • Onground traffic labels destination visible.
  • Losing Gate assignment
  • Dynamic labels backgroundcolor not visible.

Version 1.2.20b
Released on 24 October 2021

New Features

  • REPLAY Session.
  • Set recorder on/off (settings/other)
  • Filters for GATES in Airports.
  • Reserved gate, callsign visible on Gate position Radar.


  • Changes for Supervisors.
  • Radar refresh time minimum 0.5sec for all connections.
  • Traffic List Gates will be autofilled when using GATES in Airport.
  • Wind INFO grouped with lines
  • Route restructured.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing Soundcard Intercom.
  • Flashing history dots (when zoomed in)
  • Faster refresh route on traffic.
  • T Intercept Distance overwritten by BaseLeg in Profile.
  • Data refresh on flight strips (TRAFFIC MANAGER)
  • ATC List not removing ATC when only 1 online.
  • Hanging screen when closing with errors.

Version 1.2.19b
Released on 21 August 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Center point offset when different centerpoint is set and the profile is opened the first time
  • free text static labels inset.
  • Static label informations (Not all shown the right info)
  • Rotation in ATC position via Sectorfile.
  • Waypoint list not always filled.

New Features:

  • Copy coordinates type (Settings / Other).
  • Range Rings Labels. (SHIFT + RR)
  • Range ring Label color (SETTINGS/COLORS-GEO)
  • Static labels (Next ATC Freq)
  • INSET Traffic filter. (OFF/ALL/AIR/GND)

Version 1.2.18b
Released on 18 July 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Intercom no Sound when changing Soundcard.
  • Traffic Anchor TIME

New Features:

  • Assigned Caption to Forms for screen sharing.
  • ATIS Departure FREQ.
  • Manage voices (ATIS "M" button)
  • Sector ATIS structure.
  • Intercom select output (Settings/vhf radio).
  • Intercom Volume
  • Active SSR in Static Labels.
  • 3rd party
  • ATIS (Request ATIS)
  • CTRL (Request Controlled airports)

Stability Fixes:

  • Auto hangup Intercom. (CTD on next incomming)8

Version 1.2.16b
Released on 13 June 2021

New Features:


Stability Fixes

  • Time out sqk request via server. (will result SQK 1000)
  • waypoint dct calculation in route

Version 1.2.15b
Released on 8 June 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Traffic manager Waypoint shows Spec areas
  • Weather data disappearing when pressing on NOTAM in AIRPORTS
  • APP positions remove / ADD to sequence. (After ADD back wait a few sec ATIS will be received).
  • Defined color GEO lines on foreground of other GEO.
  • Static labels wake color.
  • Combox private messages removed when scrolling in X field.
  • Changing color in ATC window

New Features

  • CTRL-C (Copy mouse-coordinates to clipboard).
  • Approach manage ATIS sequence.
  • Ingores cancel QDM via SHIFT when button used as PTT

Stability Fixes

  • ATC screen setup
  • ATC data synchronise
  • METAR request timeout possible CTD when converting.
  • Inset Traffic read filter when painting
  • Route creation
  • Route time calculation
  • Label waypoints list
  • Setting up traffic lists. (Traffic manager)
  • Request SQK from server
  • TAB - Show/hide route

Version 1.2.14b
Released on 20 May 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved Stability

New Features

  • NOTAMs
  • Special Areas
  • Special Area colours
  • ATIS sequence TWR-APP-GND-DEL

Version 14b fixed an issue we had with version 13b hence why we decided merge them as part of the same changelog.

Version 1.2.12b
Released on 4 April 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Flickering labels
  • CTD. when receiving voice
  • Division by zero error
  • Error when labeling
  • Ident color when loading colorscheme

New Features

  • Force act in inset

Version 1.2.11b
Released on 26 March 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Disappearing vector-line on north track
  • CTD.
  • Error on labelling
  • Error on TAB (route)
  • CPDLC Names not reading from sector
  • SUP DEP/ARR outside range

New Features

  • New color select screen
  • Training / exam accessing

Version 1.2.10b
Released on 18 March 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • CA DUPE on PSR
  • Vectorlines hanging
  • CPDLC tab not visible
  • Altitude alert
  • Inset ID STATE background.
  • PSR sometimes with SpeedVector
  • Vertical Profile climb/desc
  • Vertical profile traffic list in navaids
  • Centering exam module
  • Polygon filter in Inset
  • Zoom center inset

New Features

  • Removes last unused Group-buttons in D-Link
  • Calculates Traffic position ( Generates faster position refresh )
  • Traffic Refresh time. (Minimum reduced for all positions)
  • Wake Turb. Colour (Settings/Labels)
  • Wake Turb. Colours (ColorScheme/Traffic)
  • ExtraPolated Track symbol (Settings/radar)
  • Added extra symbols
  • Traffic History Dots settings/radar
  • Space (Settings/Radar) 5/10 sec
  • Length in time
  • Shrink (draws size in 3 parts.)
  • Static labels (settings/labels)
  • Static label editor (settings/labels)
  • Mouse Area filter options (settings/labels)
  • Label visible options in VOR/NDB/FIX/AP
  • assume / release / transfer with mouse bij pressing and holding traffic
  • Short traffic labels (settings / labels)
  • Traffic lists changed in strips

Version 1.2.7b (roll-back 9b)

We are aware of an issue in the latest update to Aurora, version 1.2.9b, that is causing a connection issue with both the simulator as well as the voice servers. We have therefore disabled the auto-update functionality of Aurora - making 7b the most current version. Users can roll-back to 1.2.7b through

UPDATE March 18th
Auto-update has been turned on again. Users on Aurora 1.2.7b or above will update to the correct and most current version on start-up.

Version 1.2.6b
Released on 17 Jan 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Route descriptions. (weird chars)
  • SID/STAR descriptions. (weird chars)
  • Changing voice server.
  • SQK request via local list
  • Removing Multi QDM

New Features

  • Transfer accept message (settings/com)
  • Turn calculation qdm. (Settings/other)
  • Response time turn calculation qdm. (Settings/Other)
  • Userdata settings file. (VID/IVANPassword/Real Name/Hoppie code).
  • Quick buttons ATC COM box.

Version 1.2.5b
Released on 10 Jan 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • F2 reposition in INSET.
  • Moving labels on rotated map.
  • Filters on change profile.
  • BAYREQ label via PSR.

New Features

  • D-Link (COMBOX)
  • UP-Link list for sectors.
  • VERA advanced with prediction.
  • QDM Turn calculation.
  • Vertical Profile for INSET.
  • Vertical Proflie color settings.
  • Filters RADIO changed in (visual/select/zoom).
  • HAL set create traffic data from scenario.
  • Training/exam added type "Trfc Count" (Counts voice traffic).
  • Saves preferred runways in profile

Version 1.2.4b
Released on 6 Dec 2020

Bug Fixes:

  • ATIS after changing server.
  • Labelline position
  • Hanging sound after Broadcast message.
  • S W coordinates now shown in radar infoline.
  • Exam module for Examiners connecting with X

New Features

  • Faster Rendering polygons
  • S-mode simulations set optional (settings/labels)

Version 1.2.3
Released on 30 November 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Missing labelline when "PSR Labels" and "not labeled"
  • Skipping
    in route.
  • Traffic SSR change not refreshing on flight strip
  • SUP bugs

New Features:

  • Unit for Flight Level. (Settings / Other)
  • Symbols for PSR and SSR. (Settings / Radar)
  • OSStrip Position (Settings / Radar)
  • Saves Radio position.
  • S-mode simulation for sqk 2000 and VFR

Version 1.2.2b
Released on 7 November 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Not starting after disconnecting mic
  • Inbound and outbound color
  • Metar from server
  • State color
  • Output voice on last soundcard in list

New Features:

  • Users list right-click menu now features a mute, kick and CA option
  • Colorscheme added:
  • Traffic Label selected when assumed
  • Traffic Labelline selected when assumed
  • Traffic Timeline selected when assumed
  • Traffic Label inbound transfer
  • Traffic Labelline inbound transfer
  • Traffic Timeline inbound transfer
  • Traffic Label released color
  • Traffic Labelline released color
  • Traffic Timeline released color
  • MRVA dashed/solid.
  • State color (background/labels) PVD-Settings-Labels
  • Saves default label distance (L+ L-)
  • INSET now features; Labeling via traffic labels, shortcuts, halo and rings
  • Discord 32 Bits now displays Aurora as well

Version 1.2.1b
Released on 19 September 2020

Bugs Solved:

  • Wrong traffic labelling
  • Traffic VOICE STATE change not visible for others
  • Static tone not closing when changing equipment. (VHF RADIO)
  • Screens invisible when desktop situation changes
  • Voice channel creation
  • Defa position on load profile

New Features:

UI Font and Size, Settings & Labels.
Discord Rich Presence (64bits only): Aurora now shows up properly as ‘playing game’ within Discord.
Exam & Training module added to show additional traffic info.

Version 1.2.0b
Bugs Solved:

  • Ignores description “Dummy” in airspace data (Sector)
  • BUG track in Exam
  • Delete sector (deletes only sector file)

New Features:

  • Filters use SHIFT+ -> GEO,ACC,HS,LS,DA,PA,RA
  • Short cut’s in Airports for switching selection (C,R,V,M)
  • Sector ATC list added field overrule settings file (profile 4th field)
  • Sector Filter added a field for PA/DA/RA filter (6th field)
  • Sector Added field for NON-TMA in VOR and NDB
  • Combox “.TAF” (TAF request)
  • Combox “.SHORTTAF” (short TAF request)
  • selection soundcard and volume PVD / SOUNDS.
  • Allowed to use a semicolon: in combo
  • MAP rotation PVD/SETTINGS/RADAR (for ground radar)
  • 3rd Party software access PVD/SETTINGS/OTHER
  • Added “GA’, “LND” in altitude labels
  • ATIS RMK multirow.
  • Pressure altitude corrected
  • SQK series add Flight rules (Vfr/Ifr) + Flight type (Civil/Military)
  • SQK series via IVAO Server. (SETTINGS/SQK)
  • SQK series added, “Randomize multi hits”.
  • VFR Default (SETTINGS/SQK)
  • HAL spawn timer + LOOP in scenario
  • HAL AUTO clearance
  • Auto-update sector in PVD / SECTORS
  • OS strip for inset
  • Smoothness main screen.
  • VHF RADIO settings in PVD/SETTINGS.

Version 1.1.75b
Released on 29 May 2020

New features:

  • High Processor Usage (Settings>Other)
  • Separated the ATIS, UTC and METAR labels
  • Hide/show assumed traffic when GTR is OFF (SHIFT + GTR)
  • Option to save ATIS, METAR and CLOCK position
  • Pulldown menu for Fonts
  • Option to save FIX, NDB and VOR filters in profile
  • PSR

Bugs Solved:

  • DEFA not visible if setting “Zoom Range” is off
  • Ghost lines (traffic leaving speed vector)

Version 1.1.74b
Released on 24 May 2020

New features:

  • You can now use QDM in INSET windows
  • Using the Transfer List you can now add the next controller of any aircraft.
  • Added option for on screen strip at Settings>Radar which includes following information:
  • BAY List
  • next ATC information
  • Added option to fill background color of on screen strip from Settings>Labels>OS Strip Background Filled
  • Added Final Approach Procedure (FAP), Initial Approach Procedure (IAP), HOLDs and TRANSITIONs to Airport Menu
  • When using spaced Traffic Vector, you can now change the space lenght of traffic vector, from Settings>Vector>Space Spaced Vector
  • You can now use SHIFT to cancel your QDM
  • Traffic manager now lists traffic based on their Departure Time instead of Callsign!
  • You can now save DEFA preferences in your profile.
  • On traffic manager, button Uncontrolled is now separated to all windows
  • You can now change Label Lock Type from Settings>Labels. This means the behaviour of traffic labels when zoomed
  • Altitude alerts can be enabled from Settings, and their colour could be changed from colour scheme
  • Aircraft types and categories are now visible in Traffic Manager below the callsign.
  • HAL Scenario Creator is added. You can now create and save your scenarios.
  • You can add FREE TEXT to your On Screen Strip and this will be transferred also to the next controller.
  • Manage Multi QDM on radar by clicking on QDM Label, you can transfer QDMs from one aircraft to another. Double click removes the QDM.
  • Traffic Mouse area can be enabled from Settings>Labels
  • Departure in SQK series is now added. You can now filter your sqk series for Airports, Departure or Destination.

Bugs Solved:

  • Creating Chat windows is fixed
  • Traffic refresh rate (0,5..5,0 sec) depending on ATC position
  • Stability is improved
  • Hide/Show clearance field in Traffic Manager

Version 1.1.73b
Released on 12 April 2020

  • [68] SHIFT +primary button to move traffic-labels
  • [Settings] Speed vector spaced set time 15sec,30sec,1min
  • [ColourScheme]IDENT colour
  • [ColourScheme]SID STAR line type
  • [Combox] .c find navaids + airports
  • [Combox] .t find traffic
  • NAVAIDS Symbols
  • Active wind data in airports/runways
  • Size info and actual wind labels by double clicking. (label left side = smaller, right side = bigger)
  • [PVD] Find Sectors
  • [BUG] Transponder type-a data

[BUG] Some SHORTCUTS were not working:

  • Shortcut SET ANCHOR (ALT+X)
  • Shortcut QDM (ALT+D)
  • Shortcut ALT+Z (ASSUME/RELEASE traffic)
  • Shortcut Traffic vector line time (0,1,2,4,8)
  • Autofill ATIS trans altitude
  • Route points circles
  • Route direct draw
  • Connect (autoselect servers with fewer connections)
  • Combox display pilot callsign in front
  • Strange characters on route text
  • Airport METAR refresh
  • Saves profile state of the main screen (windows / Fullscreen)
  • Combox messages scrolling to end
  • Added settings “Save profile on exit”
  • Clearance altitude (Green = Cruising Blue=Cleared)
  • Added settings “Ignore DUPE”
  • INFO-line in radar
  • Added INFO-line colour
  • SSR assignment
  • Clearance shortcuts W=waypoint A=Altitude S=Speed Q=SQK
  • Trimmed sid/star on double click AIRPORTS
  • Added shortcut for zoom + – (also INSET)

Aurora is now available for 32bt Windows platform, download now.

Altitude Client - Change Log

Important: Please remember to close your simulator prior to updating, then reboot your computer.

➡️ Version
Released 18 Apr 2024

🤘 Main Changes

  • Updated Qt to version 6.6.2.
  • Updated GStreamer to version 1.24.1 (should finally fix the robotic voice issue).
  • Added conditions to the AutoUnicom 3-minute timer buttons.
  • Fixed voice being transmitted on Voice Server on other frequencies than UNICOM.
  • Fixed ATC frequency not being updated in the UI.
  • Fixed potential memory leak in the Pilot Core.

Released 23 Feb 2024

🤘 Main Changes

  • Disabled the audio compressor in order to (try to) fix the robotic voice issue during radio TX.

Released 03 Feb 2024

🤘 Main Changes

  • Reworked a bit the audio capture from microphone (it should reduce the robotic voice issue).
  • Reworked the PTT keyboard handling, this will make it more reliable.
  • Added 3 minute timer to VFR arrival page.
  • Fixed intercom calls to Altitude not being rejected.
  • Fixed some login error messages not being shown.
  • Fixed style of diversion page.
  • Fixed some integer conversion that may have effects on the MTL animations.
  • Fixed installation path of the contrail X-Plane objects.
  • Fixed X-Plane CTD when quitting the simulator.
  • Upgraded XPMP to version 3.3.1, fixes a freeze in X-Plane 12.

Released 08 Jan 2024

🤘 Main Changes

  • Fixed TS2 transmissions being blocked when Voice Server is disconnected.
  • Fixed error messages for holding in AutoUNICOM window.

Released 31 Dec 2023

🤘 Main Changes

  • New UI: As we switched from Qt version 5.15 (deprecated) to Qt version 6.6, there was a complete rework of the Pilot UI and a slight rework of the Pilot Core for FSX/P3D and MSFS.
  • This also means that the AutoUNICOM feature has been greatly reorganised, but some elements may still need to be adjusted.
  • The Pilot UI windows are now resizable, but they still have minimum sizes in order not to break the UI.
  • The Pilot UI windows should also support natively screens with different scales set in the operating system.
  • Qt now uses the default rendering library for each operating system (Direct3D for Windows, OpenGL for Linux and Metal for macOS). This should make rendering more reliable andavoid the white screen issue appearing on some GPUs (mainly Intel ones).
  • The emitting station on a Voice Server frequency (Voice ATIS and UNICOM currently) can be shown on the UI (option in the Settings menu).
  • Added an update checker in the Pilot UI, informing you when a new version is available with its changelog (it is not an automatic updater yet)
  • Added a local audio test
  • Added a compressor to reduce automatically the volume when the sound coming from the server is too loud (may need to be adjusted depending on your feedback)
  • It is now possible to connect in observer mode using your staff position as a callsign
  • Added log rotation (the Pilot Core and Pilot UI are now keeping up to 10 logs)
  • Added logging for the FS9 Pilot Core and Artifice
  • Improved the error messages when something is failing during login
  • Added API access token auto-refresh (fixes issues when reconnecting after being connected for more than 30 minutes)

👍 Minor Changes

  • Updated GStreamer (used for voice) from version 1.20.3 to version 1.20.7. Some bugs have been fixed which means less risks of bugs and memory leaks.
  • Fixed Follow Me car callsign syntax to match rules and regulations
  • The WALLOP messages sent by the user are now added to the message text area
  • Added help message when connection to Pilot Core fails
  • Added support for hostnames in the connect page of the Pilot UI
  • Switched most log messages to English
  • Fixed MSFS Pilot Core trying to disconnect because the user is in the main menu while already disconnected.
  • Because MSFS is supporting 8.33khz spacing, the corresponding Pilot Core are now using the exact radio frequency from the simulator in order to select the corresponding TS2 channel (disabled a workaround for older simulators)
  • On X-Plane, a message is added to the message window at start-up to avoid having just an empty rectangle.
  • Fixed a lot of deprecations and did a lot of code clean-up (to improve maintainability greatly)

🖥️ Windows

  • No issues with disconnected sound devices anymore: Altitude will automatically switch to the default audio device if the one currently used gets disconnected. There is also no memory leak anymore, as we upgraded the WASAPI in GStreamer.

🍎 Mac

  • This version is signed now, as we are now in the Apple Developer programme. There are now fewer issues in installing Altitude.
  • The new Apple ARM processors (Apple M1/M2/etc.) are now natively supported. Rosetta is no longer needed to execute the Altitude.

🐧 Linux

  • Fixed notification sounds that couldn't be heard

✈️ Simulator Specific(s)

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020/ Flight Simulator X
  • Added a watchdog to detect if the connection to the simulator is broken. It will disconnect the user from the network after 1 minute without any connection to the simulator and suggest restarting the Pilot Core if the simulator is still running.
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
  • Added support for Prepar3D v6
  • X-Plane
  • Added contrails for X-Plane 11 and 12
  • Added altitude correction for X-Plane 12
  • Added auto-disconnect when a user switches to replay mode
  • Added an X-Plane Pilot Core plugin using X-Plane SDK version 4.0.1 (more reliable for X-Plane version 11.50 or later)
  • The visibility of the message window is now saved

⚙️ Altitude Installer changes (Windows only)

  • The uninstallers are now registered in the OS. It is now possible to uninstall from the Settings application of Windows.
  • Deleted the FSX/P3D DLL Pilot Core (keeping the executable only)
  • The FSX/P3D installer can now setup the automatic startup of the Pilot Core executable in the EXE.xml configuration file.
  • If the installer fails to download a dependency (for example, GStreamer), it will first retry automatically then show an error message to the user if the problem persists. And it is now using a more reliable HTTP client (the old one was based on Internet Explorer...).
  • The installer is now setting the GStreamer path in the system environment variables (instead of the user variables). This should make finding the GStreamer DLL more reliable.

🚁 MTL Installer changes (Windows only)

  • Updated to .Net 6
  • Added Prepar3D v6 support
  • Fixed most freezes that were happening during MTL installation

🚩Minimum OS Versions Supported

  • Windows 10 or later
  • Linux with GCC libstdc++ version 12 or later, for example, Debian 12.1, Ubuntu 22.04 or Fedora F37 (or later)
  • macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later

⚠️ Known Issues

  • In the AutoUNICOM window, some group boxes may be longer than the window. Just resize the window for the moment.

Version 1.12.0b
11th November 2022



- Voice UNICOM (see

- Added a Pilot Core executable for FSX/P3D (mainly for homecockpit users, the DLL is still used for most users)

- Added SELCAL support in FSX/P3D/MSFS aircraft cockpits (will soon be added to FlyByWire A320neo), documentation for aircraft creators to come later

- Added radio volume setting from the aircraft cockpit for FSX/P3D/MSFS/X-Plane (will soon be added to FlyByWire A320neo), documentation for aircraft creators to come later


- On MSFS, corrected altitude to match other simulators standard atmosphere

- Altitude will now not send your position when your position is N0° E0° and altitude below 100ft (usually when you are in the main menu of your simulator)

- Altitude will also disconnect from the network if you went back to main menu on MSFS

- Some issues with MTL loading have been fixed (FSX/P3D/MSFS)

- Some issues with the flight plan page of the user interface have been fixed

- Multiple installer improvements in order to reduce issues with GStreamer installation

Version 1.11.1b
19th August 2022



- Fixed Linux and macOS Pilot Core

- Added flaps and spoilers animations to MSFS MTL (in the previous version, the position change was instant)

- Small adjustments to the Profile page and the Auto Unicom page in Pilot UI

- Changed how dependencies (Microsoft Visual C++ and GStreamer) are installed: they are now downloaded by the installer

- Due to that, the C:\gstreamer-ivao folder will be replaced by a C:\gstreamer folder.

- The MSFS installer now has an option to not start Pilot Core automatically.

- On Windows, the X-Plane installer will now remember where X-Plane is located.

Known issues:


- On some computers, an error can appear at the start of the Pilot Core (see below). This error is not blocking the execution of the Pilot Core and the issue has been reported to the GStreamer developers.

- Some bluetooth headsets are known to trigger a memory leak in Pilot Core when disconnected

Version 1.11.0b
1st August 2022




- Voice ATIS

+ Complete rewrite of the radio subsystems

+ Supports audio RX on both radios, either with two ATIS stations or with one ATIS and one controlled position

+ The ATIS frequency of an ATC position is now available in the ATC page (limitation: Altitude doesn't know if the ATC is transmitting the ATIS or not)

+ In the ATC page, it is possible to tune directly to one ATIS on COM1 or COM2 (by clicking on the "->" symbol)

+ X-Plane default ATIS is temporarily disabled when the user is connected to the IVAO network

+ Voice ATIS communications use a different UDP port than ATC communications. Some users may need to update their firewall to allow outbound connection to UDP port 6900.

- Improved radio audio effects

+ Realistic VHF propagation model based on distance and terrain between the ATIS station antenna(s) and the aircraft antenna(s)

+ Dynamic block tones frequencies and volume (based on a simulation of radio relative precision; sometimes the block tones might not be heard)

- Support for new MTL installer (MSFS 2020)

- New login workflow and profile page

- The audio volume of both radio is now saved automatically

- The radio frequencies can be changed by using the mouse wheel while hovering on the frequencies

+ This might be blocked on some aircrafts if the radios are powered-off

Bug fixes


- Fix crash when reconnecting to the network after a connection loss

- Fix crash when disconnected by a supervisor

- Fix automatic open / close of Pilot Core for MSFS

- Fix UTF-8 display in text frequency and private messages (including accents and unicode)

- Improve audio experience with multiple stations transmitting at the same time

- Improve stability of MTL management for all simulators

- Improve stability of Auto Unicom

Known issues


- Some bluetooth headsets are known to trigger a memory leak in Pilot Core when disconnected



- Log files will contain much more information for troubleshooting

- A new log file has been added for pilot UI (in executable directory, named ivao_pilot_ui.log)

- Qt is now used inside MSFS Pilot Core and requires additional DLLs (provided with installer)

- Update Qt dependency to 5.15

Version 1.10.7b
23 May 2022


  • Add a warning message when observers connect without the required "_OBS" postfix (including shared cockpit users)
  • Allow callsigns up to 12 characters (useful for shared cockpit observers)
  • Fix MSFS freezes due to multiplayer traffic
  • Fix world server error message not being displayed
  • Fix invalid calculation in X-plane interpolation

Version 1.10.6b
1 April 2022


  • Enable logging, pilot core will create log to help troubleshooting
    Log Location
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/IVAO
    Linux: ~/.ivao
    Win: same location with the sim exe or pilot core exe (FS2020)
    Log File Name
    XPL: ivao_pilot_core_xpl.log
    FSX/P3D: ivao_pilot_core_fsxp3d.log
    FS2020: ivao_pilot_core_fs2020.log
    FS9: ivao_pilot_core_fs9.log
  • Add slats animation for X-CSL
  • Fix crash issue when connecting to voice server
  • Fix audio device not appear on the list
  • Improve Pilot UI drop down usability for MTL listing
  • Fix Pilot UI Follow Me Car auto selection bug
  • Fix Pilot UI only allow one instance to run at a time
  • Pilot UI change logo to new brand
  • Stability improvement
  • XPL support weight_on_wheels XPMP dataref
  • XPL expose some Altitude info using dataref
  • ivaopilot/selcal
  • ivaopilot/online
  • ivaopilot/ptt
  • ivaopilot/audio/com1_rx
  • ivaopilot/audio/com2_rx
  • MSFS add integration with panel Transponder Ident
  • MSFS ability to set Transponder State from Pilot UI

Version 1.10.5b
27 September 2021


  • 32bit support at Pilot UI
  • Auto Unicom timer set to 3 min
  • Auto Unicom circuit direction keep changing bug fix
  • PilotUI memory leak fix
  • MTL List synchronization with new Catalog

Version 1.10.4b
29 May 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • [FS9/FSX/P3D] integration with new MTL library
  • Fix Auto UNICOM 6 minutes timer disappear after landed
  • [XPL] Bug fix dual Rx radio become single Rx after switching Tx Com1/2
  • Fix "The server you are connecting to isn't an IVAO network server" error when connecting

Version 1.10.3b
4 April 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Improve TS2 connection stability
  • FS2020 pilot core add warning for MTL loading issue
  • XPL plane parameter interpolation
  • Fix MTL plane floating at EHAM
  • Auto unicom FL100 bug fix
  • XPL Multiplayer Library upgrade for stability improvement

Version 1.10.2b
6 December 2020

New Features:

  • [XPL] Integration with Zibo SELCAL panel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix issue #395 - Auto UNICOM wrong flight level & altitude rounding
  • [P3D] Fix for aircraft radio panel stuck at 8.33khz frequency
  • Fix CTD on ATC frequency change

Version 1.10.1b
7 November 2020

After the huge launch of our integrated voice module last September, this version also comes with a surprise.
Are you still in love with FS2004? We’ve got you covered. We are very proud to inform you that our Pilot Client: Altitude is now fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004!

Bugs Solved:

  • Fix device listing for Linux
  • Fix VHF effects not amplified correctly
  • Fix XPL crash when spawning CSL
  • Improve stability for TS2 channel tuning
  • Add logic to tune into closest ATC for multiple visible ATCs with same frequency
  • FS9 bug fix tuning COM2 will tune COM1
  • Allow ATC with callsign EXA to be displayed in ATC List
  • Fix Pilot UI online time calculation during DST transition
  • [FSX/P3D/FS2020] Optimize SimConnect data refresh rate
  • [XPL] Attempt to fix CTD during CSL spawning

New Features:

  • Altitude is now available for FS2004 (FS9)
  • Add colour to XPL message window text
  • XPL message alert pop up feature
  • FSX/P3D/XPL add menu to enable / disable sim text message
  • Add MTL Visibility Range setting in IVAO_Pilot_Client.conf. Valid value is between 5 and 50

Version 1.10.0b
5 September 2020

After our teaser video, we released an article announcing that we are conducting the last stage of finalising and testing the integration of our voice module with our clients.

We are proud to inform you that we will release new versions of both IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude and IVAO ATC Client: Aurora with a brand-new voice integration on September 5th, 2020. Save the date!

This release is of extreme importance as it will eliminate the need for the standalone TeamSpeak 2 client, hence resolving several compatibility issues for our members. Most important, it pumps a super dose of realism into the IVAO Experience.

Check out the full Virtual Sky article here.

Version 1.9.19b
29 July 2020

This version provides several stability fixes, including improved stability for X-Plane BETA versions. The ‘use voice’ checkbox has been improved and now shows an indicator on a controllers radar. The Transponder logic has been changed so that we no longer depend on FSUIPC; this also solves several add-on XPDR integrations not working.

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-332: Disconnected traffic does not disappear
PILOT-222: PilotUI was not correctly displayed on high-resolution displays
Fix [P3D/FSX]: Transponder is now able to interact properly with add-on aircraft.
Fix [X-Plane]: Improved stability (including X-Plane BETA versions 11.50.x)
Improved: Updated MTL list
Improved: Smoother landing interpolation

New Features:

The “use voice” option has been improved; there now is the choice to choose between Full Voice, RX Only & Text Only. These modes are also displayed on a controllers radar.

Version 1.9.18b
29 May 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-321: Added 8.33kHz compatibility for FSX and P3D
PILOT-325: X-Plane – Map for 11.50 deactivated by default
PILOT:328: X-Plane – Acquire AI aircraft improved
PILOT-326: X-Plane – Cross-thread race conditions
PILOT-324: FPS drops should be a lot less frequent
PILOT-327: Trim UI data from user to prevent protocol 4 errors

Version 1.9.17b
14 May 2020

In our continuous effort to provide you – our member – the best experience, we have worked together with the Leonardo Maddog X team. With the aim to support 8.33kHz frequencies in P3Dv5. No add-on aircraft so far has been released with this new feature of P3Dv5. The Maddog X team gave us an exclusive possibility to implement this feature in Altitude with one of their beta MD-80’s!

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-316: AutoUnicom update
PILOT-318: Set Unicom radio freq & squawk 2000 only at first connect in sim session
PILOT-322: FPL caching in case of disconnect, automatic resend of last FPL
PILOT-317: PilotUI auto connect to sim at launch (if sim is already running)
PILOT-315 & PILOT-320: Async clone of CSL (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-319: Improved model matching (multiplayer traffic | X-Plane)
PILOT-313: Fixed initial position of multiplayer traffic
PILOT-311: Fixed mirrored labels (X-Plane)
PILOT-314: CTD fixes

New Features:

PILOT-016: FollowMe feature
PILOT-080: Basic CSL included in Altitude installer for X-Plane
PILOT-317: Network check between PilotUI & PilotCore, to detect lost connections
PILOT-321: 8.33 kHz support for P3Dv5

Version 1.9.16b
28 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-237: AU: If AU is closed and reopened, the runway is reset to 18 (only display issue)PILOT-261: AU always reporting 1000ft above actual altitude for cruisePILOT-269: AU: When I click to get second METAR in AU it do not work.PILOT-274: AU not reporting which parking you’re inPILOT-272: CSL: Older format CSL light have squared shape (Workaround proposed)PILOT-277: AU Client on second monitor crashes when using Auto UnicomPILOT-298: AU: Bad or absent METAR after click
PILOT-306: CORE: Reference on an deleted object in the new X-Plane Multiplayer libraryPILOT-309: CORE: Multi-threading Simconnect issue with FSXPILOT-310: CORE: Altitude Longitude Calculation above 1000 due to interpolation

New Features:

PILOT-307: UI: Display UTC time
PILOT-308: UI Display time online
PILOT-254: AU: Add the 6 minute timer
PILOT-253: AU: Lower size of AU

Version 1.9.15b
24 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-301: CORE multi-threading handling issue
PILOT-305: INSTALLER – fixed install issue with FSX

New Features:

PILOT-300: CORE: Make compatible with Xplane 11.50 Vulkan and Metal
PILOT-302: INSTALLER: Make it compatible with P3D V5
PILOT-304: CORE: Move show TAG option for X-plane from UI-settings to Plugin Pilot client menu in X-plane

Version 1.9.14b
12 April 2020

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-292: Missing packets due to an error in TCP
PILOT-294: Frame rate warning logic change for X-Plane
PILOT-293: Interpolation improvement

New Features:

PILOT-291: New async library CSL for X-Plane
PILOT-238: Server load display

Version 1.9.10b

Bugs Solved:

PILOT-105: The context menu for the freq (REQ ATIS, TUNE COM1) disappears very quickly on MAC
PILOT-229: CSL do not display landing gears after a reconnecting
PILOT-234: Simulator Crash after frequency change or sq change
PILOT-240: Selecting a new frequency and the frequency is still displayed in Dual reception and ATC do not receive the message.
PILOT-247: When I connect without a defined MTL, a disconnect occurs
PILOT-248: Disconnecting by using button in Altitude crashes
PILOT-249: I disconnected with Altitude but the webeye show me connected also the present position of my aircraft
PILOT-250: crashes usually when I try to connect the second time in the same sim session
PILOT-251: Random Connector crash with Xplane
PILOT-255: Protocol Error 4 on connect
PILOT-260: CSL path in Altitude MAC version is not good: characters ‘:’ replace ‘/’ in path
PILOT-262: Create a new colour for a direct message from ATC to you as the pilot (light green)
PILOT-265: TS2 switching do not success sometimes or all the time
PILOT-267: DEP position is not listed in the ATC list.
PILOT-268: Win Register Path for FSX:SE are different and installer do not find FSX:SE
PILOT-270: Communication between Connector and UI is lost and connector maintains the network connection
PILOT-271: Connector for Linux do not work
PILOT-275: Webeye is not showing the complete username – Altitude Client
PILOT-278: Diacritics in the departure and destination code of the flight plan

New Features:

PILOT-43: Possibility to have a sound scheme for certain action
PILOT-99: Display x-plane Sim-Ratio somewhere on the interface
PILOT-236: Possibility to disable or enable current incoming text message on frequency sound or disable it only on UNICOM
PILOT-256: Create a TCAS sound mute function (requested by SOD)
PILOT-266: Display the incoming private message on the main frequency and blink the MSG more visible.

Altitude is available for download at!

Artifice Client - Change Log

Webeye - Change Log

Version 3.2.0
09th of May 2021

New Features:

  • Records show every 15 seconds
  • Special Areas and NOTAMs Added
  • New Brand
  • Settings Pages now connected with the tracker, if you set dark at the tracker it will be at the webeye
  • New Login


Possible to add different label lines (Maximum 3)
New Login Form
195 Software stratistic usage
274 Friends Icon color & My Icon color
269 Align aircraft on flight status timeline
269 flight data panel not well ajusted
274 Friends Icon color & My Icon color
435 Cannot set My Icon color
465 VFR Planned Altitude
509 Display error on the Webeye
520 Airport code two lines instead of one line when char is too.
Click on my AC, blank page appears
Menu items misaligned
Page hangs just after loading
about button
Friends List
Aircraft Progress
Flight plan update
ATIS text repeated
Setting and colors are still active after logging out
Software Versions
Logout redirect loop

Older Versions

Version 3.1.0
12th of October 2020

New Features:

Pilot and ATC Sorting

Distance to destination

Hide info when deselecting

Reorder sidebar icons

Search Filter

Open webeye at specified coordinates

Colour of own aircraft

Departure Time tooltip

Tower Shape

Members suggestions:

Different colour for ground traffic

Friends Profile

Different colour for own traffic

_Sort inbound/outbound list _


Most popular airports: small display bug

F18 did not display

First load settings wrong

Webeye did not show some traffic

Default Approach shape did not display on Webeye

Missing mouse pointer icon on IVAO logo

Discrepancies on metar indication

Webeye Traffic error

Wrong indicator distance box

Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL) - Change Log

1st August 2022
Implemented MSFS Integration (Altitude 1.11.0b and above)

New features for MSFS:

--Model Animations (Spoilers, Reversers, Flaps and Gear)

--Model Effects (Contrails, Exhaust)


--MTL Library and Catalog Integration

--Regular Updates of Liveries (Every 3-4 Months)

--Better Quality Models and Textures (2048px)

--1000+ Liveries

23 April 2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed MTL not updating

01 February 2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor Fixes
  • Improved error handling

Version 1.0.1b
08 June 2021

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix FSX.cfg path not found issue

Other Software - Change Log

IVAO Tracker
Version 2.0
08th of May 2021

New Features:

New Brand
Now the records will be every 15 seconds, before it was 180 seconds.
Use of IVAO Maps