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Yanis Abt
Jack Plumb

[Q&A] A sit down with FlyByWire

Avid users of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 will be well aware of the name FlyByWire. An open-source development organisation that has taken the flight simulation community by storm with its high-quality freeware aircraft, and more commonly known, their Airbus A320neo enhancement. ūüėćIVAO wishes to thank the entire FlyByWire team for...

Jack Plumb

New Year, New Altitude.

There is nothing better than to start 2024 with a new release of IVAO's Pilot Client, Altitude. Today, we are excited to announce Altitude 1.13. A major reworked version of the popular client lays the foundations and enables us to prepare for the intriguing developments planned for 2024. The...

Yanis Abt

A few words from Activity Services

Dear IVAO Community, As we approach the end of this remarkable year, celebrating IVAO's 25th Anniversary, we are thrilled to announce our flagship event, "IVAO Silver Skies 2023." Mark your calendars for the 16th of December, as we prepare for an aviation spectacle like no other. Reflecting on the milestones...

Yanis Abt
Julien Chabbey

Celebrating 25 years of Virtual Skies

IVAO is 25 years old. 25 years full of history, flights, control sessions, and, above all, a shared passion for aviation. Whether aboard an Airbus A320 for an IFR flight, a C172 for a VFR flight, a helicopter for a rescue mission, or in front of a radar screen to...

Jack Plumb

An old dog with new tricks!

IVAO has always taken pride in including various generations that have taken advantage of our organisation's opportunities for nearly 25 years in the Flight Simulation Community. Many members remain with IVAO today and joined us on the organisation's first day back in 1998; others will take their first steps to...

It's out with the old and in with the new...

To enable our organisation to keep taking the relevant steps forward with transitioning IVAO to its next phase for our community, we say goodbye to the IvAc and IvAp exams and hello to the new Altitude and Aurora exams. With Aurora taking a 96.6% average share of overall ATC...

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