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Jack Plumb

IVAO partners with PMDG to celebrate 777-300ER release!

📅IVAO will be hosting the first launch event for the airframe. For more information visit: 🔗 PMDG Boeing 777 Release Event | IVAO Community Forum. With the release of the highly anticipated PMDG Simulations Boeing 777-300ER now finally complete, flight simulation fans can breathe a sigh of relief and head into the...

Julien Chabbey

Three divisions are born!

In May 2024, IVAO welcomes three new divisions: the Lebanese, the Canadian and the United States ones.‌‌ These are actually two comebacks, as the US and CA divisions have already existed in the past. Then, the Canada and United States have been merged in the XA. The Lebanese FIR was...

Jack Plumb

Turning dreams into reality.

Every day, thousands of people in our community enjoy the entertainment of loading up a flight simulator, connecting to the network and undertaking a 2-hour commercial flight, maybe even a scenic VFR tour, or for those hardcore Special Operations pilots, an air-to-air refuelling mission. For many, this hobby stems from...

Jack Plumb

A home for everyone!

Around the world today, many will have celebrated International Women's Day, an opportunity to reflect on equality for everyone, regardless of gender. IVAO has consistently taken steps to ensure our organisation is welcoming for all. Whatever your background, first language, country of origin or gender, our network welcomes you with...

Jack Plumb

Working better together.

IVAO is thrilled to announce the release of its latest web system, the brand-new Developer's Portal. The organisation has an array of data and systems we are excited to offer our third-party partners to help integrate IVAO into their platforms. 😍The possibility of enabling IVAO to have this incredible new...

Yanis Abt
Jack Plumb

[Q&A] A sit down with FlyByWire

Avid users of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 will be well aware of the name FlyByWire. An open-source development organisation that has taken the flight simulation community by storm with its high-quality freeware aircraft, and more commonly known, their Airbus A320neo enhancement. 😍IVAO wishes to thank the entire FlyByWire team for...

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