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Crowded Skies 2019 – The most anticipated and talked about event of the entire year at IVAO, is coming on Saturday, 7 December 2019. The one day a year, that all IVAO Members come together to light up the virtual skies of IVAO and break world records by connecting online all day long! This event also constitutes a unique opportunity for IVAO DevOps to run extensive testing on IVAO servers before and after the event,...


Hi! My name is Sonny Alblas, 19 years old and currently studying for my CPL/(f) ATPL license at CTC Aviation. At the moment I finished my ATPL ground school and will soon be starting with my flight training in Phoenix, Arizona. Before I started my training as a commercial pilot I was in high school doing the Dutch variant of A-levels. All in all I spent six years in high school, this was also a...


Where do you come from? I am 46 years old, single, born in Nantes, in the western part of France, I now live near Versailles close to Paris in France. I am an electronic system engineer and project manager working in embedded systems.Currently, I work inside an automotive company that is part of Volvo Group which creates heavy trucks vehicles. During my career, I worked also in embedded systems for aircraft manufacturers. I am proud...

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