IVAO is thrilled to announce the release of its latest web system, the brand-new Developer's Portal. The organisation has an array of data and systems we are excited to offer our third-party partners to help integrate IVAO into their platforms.

The possibility of enabling IVAO to have this incredible new system is thanks to Veda (656077), one of IVAO's web developers, whose hard work and dedication helped us to get this platform live.

With an exciting range of third-party organisations such as FSLabs, LittleNavMap, Plan G, SimToolKitPro, FlyByWire, Zibo Mod, Navigraph and Orbx already taking advantage of what we have to offer, we hope this latest addition to the IVAO family of web systems can help make the process for even more fantastic flight simulations organisations, and developers welcome the IVAO family to their product.

David Tchekachev, IVAO's Web Development Manager, says:

"You now have the total freedom to build the tools you want around the network."

The easy-to-use, automated system integrates IVAO's SSO to simplify the login process for users. It offers a simple dashboard layout to enable developers to apply for multiple access tokens across various projects they may deliver.

The new Developer's Portal features Light and Dark modes.

To access the system, it is simple: visit https://developers.ivao.aero and log in with your IVAO account. Once inside, click 'Create new application' and complete all the required information. The system will automatically populate the Client ID and Secret, allowing you to get functional immediately.

Developers have complete control of their API credentials without requiring the involvement of the Development Operations team.

More information about IVAO's API offerings can be found on our documentation site. This new platform is fantastic for both developers and the network; the automated system replaces the archaic and time-consuming manual process that used to have to be undertaken before issuing API keys.

Full details of IVAO's APIs can be found on our dedicated website.

Jack Plumb, IVAO's Executive Director for Infrastructure Services, commented:

IVAO is so fortunate to have talented people like Veda within our organisation to develop fantastic systems such as the Developer's Portal. Our community has much more of that talent out there, and this new platform will enable those individuals to integrate IVAO further and more easily into their third-party products.

The new system is live now. Visit https://developers.ivao.aero to gain access.

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