IVAO is delighted to announce that it signed new partnership, unique of its kind, with a real-world flight simulator company: EU Aviation Academy (doing business as AirSide), a flight simulator operator in Italy.

It is an exciting venture by AirSide to proceed with the endeavor to reach the next level of flight simulation as they have decided to go hand in hand with IVAO to provide real-time traffic and ATC service to their customers. This has made its path for a more vivid and realistic flight simulation experience for the enthusiasts.

EU Aviation Academy Boeing B737-800 Simulator Connected to IVAO using Pilot Client: Altitude

The present partnership between EU Aviation Academy and IVAO has been groundbreaking in every level. Users of the simulators will now experience IVAO’s busy airports, see and interact with other traffic, and deal with Air Traffic Control.

Whereas the cockpits of airliners are difficult to access to the general public, EU Aviation Academy offers an extraordinary experience by giving you the opportunity to step into the shoes of a captain and take the controls of a variety of aircrafts.

As an additional virtue of this partnership, IVAO members will also enjoy discounts and giveaways for flight simulator hours with our partners. Stay tuned for more information!

For More information, Please visit Airside website at: https://airsidesim.com/

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