Today, IVAO VzW announced that it is taking the next steps to launch IVAO into the spotlight once again.

In response to months of discussion and planning, The Merchandise Workgroup, presented the BoG with a final draft of how the store would benefit the organisation both with brand exposure and financially. As we are all aware, IVAO is a not for profit organisation, that relies solely on sponsorship, and donations to continue to cover the financial aspects of running the network. With this new merchandise store, our members will be able to represent the brand they hold so close to their hearts, and also know that they are donating to IVAO with their purchase to continue its legacy. From coffee mugs to join you on the flightdeck, and hoodies to keep you warm during your travels, the new IVAO merchandise store has something for everyone.

The Merchandise Workgroup is Chaired by Jack Plumb, with assistance from Danny Richmond, Christopher Gyllen, Shaun Ellis, and Alex Donovan. The workgroup wishes to thank the IVAO General Assembly for the trust that was placed in them to see this project to launch.

Check out the store today to support your favourite flight simulation network!

Blue skies!

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