IVAO has always taken pride in including various generations that have taken advantage of our organisation's opportunities for nearly 25 years in the Flight Simulation Community. Many members remain with IVAO today and joined us on the organisation's first day back in 1998; others will take their first steps to a future with IVAO today.

With an organisation that covers such a span of ages, from those just turning 13 to some of the community enjoying the network during their retirement, we have to ensure we continue to offer systems that enable all community members to partake. Because of that very reason, IVAO is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its brand-new and modernised forum platform.

It's all thanks to Alex (605126), our Forum Administrator, that we can welcome this new, modern forum platform to IVAO. His hard work and tenacity helped us deliver this new system.

The current forum was introduced over 15 years ago, in 2006, to replace the original forum from 2002. It is a vital piece of information as it remains the largest archive of IVAO's long-established 25-year history.

The IVAO Community Forum from February 2006, courtesy of Wayback Machine.

So, what new features will we see?

The current forum uses Simple Machines Forum (shortened to SMF), with the last update being introduced in 2017. Our new forum will use the XenForo platform with exciting new features. Some of the new forum features are:

  • Dark/ Light Theme - The ever popular need for the choice of a Dark and Light mode is welcomed in this initial release of our new Community Forum.
  • Mobile Responsive Design - With a growing audience using mobile phones or tablets to keep up-to-date with daily interactions, a mobile responsive design was of paramount important.
  • Rich Discussion Features - A variety of discussion features, such as quoting, multi quoting, editing, and formatting options, making it easy for users to express their thoughts effectively and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • New thread types - Introducing new types of discussion to elevate user interactions: articles, questions, suggestions, events...
  • Enhanced Message Editor - An enhanced message editor that takes communication to the next level. It provides users with a streamlined and intuitive interface that makes composing and formatting messages a breeze. With features like real-time preview, drag-and-drop attachments, and a wide range of formatting tools, users can effortlessly create visually appealing and well-structured posts.
  • Customisable Notifications - Members can personalise their notification preferences, receiving alerts for specific actions or updates they're interested in. This customisation ensures that members of our community stay informed about the content that matters most to them.
  • Real-time Push Updates - The real-time nature of XenForo's notifications and alerts keep our members engaged and connected to ongoing discussions, ensuring that they won't miss out on important updates or replies. These real-time notifications are available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Social Integration - XenForo allows users to link their forum profiles with social media accounts, enabling easier sharing of forum content and discussions across different platforms.
  • Introducing New Roles - We're excited to unveil two new fresh roles in our forum: IVAO Supporter and Streamer. These roles amplify the visibility and recognition of their exceptional contribution.
The current forum will go offline on Friday, 22nd September, to enable our forum team to move the content of the current forum to the new platform. The new forum will come online once our team has moved everything over, on Saturday, 23rd September. Keep checking our Social Media and Heartbeat for on-going updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the new forum go live?

The new forum will go live on Saturday, 23rd September once all of the transfer process has been completed. Keep an eye on IVAO's Social Media platforms and Heartbeat website for further updates.

Will I lose all of my previous messages and posts?

No. Thanks to our magical forum team, all forum posts and messages will be ported. You won't miss a thing.

Do I need to sign up for the new forum?

No. The new forum uses IVAO's single sign-on functionality, which will automatically login you in with your IVAO account.

What are the next steps?

The current forum will be disabled on Friday, 22nd September. You will still be able to access it and read posts but won't be able to make changes or create new posts. Our Forum Team will undertake a transfer process, which will take several hours, given the sheer size and age of the current forum. We will update members with the process on our Social Media and IVAO's Heartbeat. The process should be completed on Saturday, 23rd September.

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