Crowded Skies 2019 – The most anticipated and talked about event of the entire year at IVAO, is coming on Saturday, 7 December 2019. The one day a year, that all IVAO Members come together to light up the virtual skies of IVAO and break world records by connecting online all day long! This event also constitutes a unique opportunity for IVAO DevOps to run extensive testing on IVAO servers before and after the event, to ascertain how IVAO’s backbones behave under stress.

With 3,004, IVAO leads the flight simulation community by holding the record of the highest number of simultaneous online connections in the world. Most impressively, the event usually attracts around 6,300 unique members, who connect on the Crowded Skies day to enjoy almost full ATC coverage and highly-dense traffic.

The record of 3,004 was achieved in 2016. IVAO achieved 2,928 simultaneous active connections in 2017, and 2,938 simultaneous active connections in 2018.

IVAO Spirit is also a lot about giving. As with every year, Aerosoft is generously sponsoring the Crowded Skies event and will donate 1€ for every connection during our peak period. Therefore, every connection matters and will contribute to humanitarian efforts in underprivileged parts of the world. More information about where the donation goes could be found here.


We confirm Aerosoft’s participation in @IVAOAERO‘s #CrowdedSkies event this year (7th December)! We’ll donate 1€ to charity for each connection and we’ll also provide 24 products. So let’s go and do something good together! ?

— Aerosoft (@AerosoftGmbH) November 20, 2019


Moreover, IVAO will be organising several contests and draws, in which Members will have the chance to win 24 flightsim add-ons offered by Aerosoft. Full information can be found on the Crowded Skies website:

Be there on Saturday, 7 December, 2019, at least from 1840z to 1920z!

#IVAO_Experience #IVAOCS2019


*Crowded Skies Banner show actual data visualisation of IVAO pilots’ flight paths during Crowded Skies 2018. Banners were created using ©️ Mapbox, ©️ OpenStreetMap. All rights reserved to the respective owners.

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