Get ready for takeoff, fellow aviation enthusiasts! Our co-pilot for today's adventure is a young, ambitious, and thoroughly fascinating character: Tim Hittinger.

At just 21, this German prodigy has not only touched the skies but mastered them in both virtual and real-world aviation. At the young age of 14, Tim caught the gliding bug, and since then, he has tirelessly soared higher and higher. From earning qualifications to teach VFR and IFR radiotelephony procedures to currently holding the title of an international examiner for ICAO levels 4-6, Tim's passion for aviation knows no bounds. Now, he's setting course for the next milestone, undertaking theoretical training for the ATPL(A).

But Tim's love for aviation is not confined to the cockpits or airfields. He's a stalwart member of the IVAO community, having joined back in 2016. As a Training Advisor for the German Division, he found the perfect way to combine his love for aviation with the digital world. His venture with IVAO began as a quest to simulate real aviation on his PC and has evolved into a platform that helped him foster lasting bonds with fellow aviation enthusiasts and become more experienced in real aviation as well.

Riding on his momentum, Tim launched "GAT - German Aviation Training", a company that underscores his relentless dedication to the field. As the founder and CEO, he offers radiotelephony training and has collaborated with another company to provide ICAO language proficiency exams ranging from level 4-6, all accessible online and completed within a short span of 45 minutes. In recognition of IVAO's community, Tim is offering a special 15% discount on all GAT's training sessions and materials with the code "IVAO15GAT". This makes attaining an ICAO level a seamless, cost-effective process for IVAO friends.

Beyond the world of aviation, Tim is a fervent, heavy metal music fan. Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Helloween dominate his playlist. From the age of six, drumsticks became as familiar to him as a plane's yoke. He's not only inspired by Iron Maiden's music but is also captivated by the fact that the band's lead singer is a certified pilot, often commandeering their tour plane. This fascination led Tim to bring a similar experience to the IVAO community, presenting an Iron Maiden World Tour, using real equipment and following realistic legs around the world.

Tim Hittinger, through his company GAT and his unique support for IVAO users, is a shining example in our aviation community. He embodies the potential when passion, dedication, and an affection for both real and virtual aviation merge. So, come along and join Tim's thrilling journey across the skies, all while headbanging to some classic heavy metal tunes. Don't forget, the code "IVAO15GAT" awaits you for an exciting learning journey with a hefty 15% discount!

Feel free to direct any questions about Tim, his company, or any of his exciting offers to his email: As an ardent aviation enthusiast and community advocate, he will gladly assist you with any questions or guidance you may need.
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