Tomorrow (August 18th, 2020 UTC) marks an important event in the flight simulation community: the release of Microsoft ® Flight Simulator. IVAO is excited for this release, and congratulates both Microsoft and the flightsim community for this event that has been widely relayed in the press (Forbes, CNN)

Three weeks ago, we announced several updates. IVAO has been working tirelessly to make its newest Pilot Client: Altitude compatible with Microsoft ® Flight Simulator (MSFS2020) software.

IVAO is no stranger to innovation and to releasing leading-edge software to its Community. The new client has been subject to extensive testing by our team of Alpha testers, that have continuously provided us with the required feedback and status updates. We would like to thank them for their dedication and support. We are very pleased with the testing results.

We are finally super stoked to announce that our Pilot Client: Altitude is ready for download on our Software Downloads Page:

As always, full support is going to be assured by our developers and support moderators on our MSFS Forum Board:

We wish you happy flying, and cannot wait to see your screenshots and videos. Feel free to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using @ivaoaero handle, on our forum or send us by email at

IVAO will always remain an organisation that is fully committed to promising leading-edge software to its Community, and working at full capacity to offer the most sophisticated, realistic and convivial flight and ATC simulation experience.

IVAO Headquarters

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