IVAO has just announced the next generation of its famous Whazzup API.

Whazzup Application Programming Interface - aka as API - is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. IVAO provides its own API to the public which allows 3rd party developers to fetch data on IVAO connected stations (ATC stations, Pilots, observers, etc.) including information such as callsign, ATIS information, pilot altitude and speed, latitude and longitude coordinates, etc.. Whazzup feed has been essential in many software functionalities offered by addon builders and virtual airlines, allowing them to track and sync data on their users who are connected to IVAO Network. Today, IVAO is delighted to introduce the next generation version of this API. Among the new features is a data refresh rate of 15 seconds, providing more accurate tracking data more frequently. IVAO will continue to empower third-party integration development. DevOps is planning to start reviewing requests from well-known 3rd party developers to provide them with an API key, offering other data exclusively available to them.

Furthermore, the API was improved in order to make its integration and understanding easier and much more efficient. The current version of our Whazzup API will be dismissed on August 1st, 2021. All necessary information about the IVAO Whazzup API can be found under https://wiki.ivao.aero/en/home/devops/api/documentation-v2

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