Dear IVAO Family,

Firstly, we would like to thank every single one of you for your high involvement in providing us with useful feedback, as well as your patience and understanding during the past few weeks. It’s also important to thank all our staff for all the feedback they’ve provided. All feedback has been very significant and beneficial in assisting the DevOps Task Force during their troubleshooting process.

As we communicated previously, IVAO server infrastructure requires major enhancements. In fact, there were no errors initially reported in the server monitoring tools, including our logs and metrics. DevOps persisted with their assessment and implemented several code and configuration changes to both server infrastructure and client software. The initial steps were not always as successful and were dependent on some trial and error. But overall, they were all a significant stepping stone and have given us great insights on the capabilities of our current infrastructure and what is needed to address its limitations.

During this phase, we were also required to deal with the onset of P3Dv5 and XPlane11 Vulkan. We are very pleased to inform you that significant progress in development and testing has been made for both flight simulator platforms. It is also important to note that XPlane 11 v11.50 Vulkan is still in its BETA phase. Therefore any crashes or instability experienced using this version could be unrelated to our Pilot Client: Altitude.

Based on the feedback of the past few days, we have also decided to reinstate our Events. This will be done progressively and following some restrictions so that we can monitor the impact on our server infrastructure. As each week progresses, we will evaluate the possibility to reduce these restrictions. Further information will follow on the reinstatement events from HQ Events Department and your local division.

A significant step in the journey is ahead of us. We are currently actively assessing the future scalability of our infrastructure, and discussing various options in our roadmap. We do notice that some members are still using old versions of Altitude. These bugged versions could create network instability. We strongly urge all members to update to the latest version of our clients using this link:

Our DevOps team comprises very ambitious and innovative members who are focused on the future. We are super excited to be already in the process of testing various prototypes. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

IVAO will always remain an organisation that is fully committed to promising leading-edge software to its Community, and working at full capacity to offer the most sophisticated, realistic and convivial flight and ATC simulation experience.

Happy flying and controlling, and #StaySafe

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